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Comment Re:Hah (Score 1) 174

LOL That's IT?

I'm at work, and have Lotus notes, Visio, Word, and You tube (streaming some off road Jeep JK trail runs that I'd like to try (no Audio)) open on my first 2 screens, on my 3rd screen I'm using Logmein to access my home machine where I'm on Safari with 6 home page tabs open (including this one), this is all while I'm listening (again) to the Hobbit in an Audiobook on my iphone (in preparation for the movie) with my personal email open and connecting from my 5 email accounts....

According to this article I must be so depresed to be on the cusp of becoming a suiside Bomber and blowing up a small building...

Comment Re:Graduated College (Score 1) 524

I forgot to mention, My favorite "Broke" meal was Mac &Yak...

2 boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese, A pount of hamburger, a stick of butter and a pint of milk. Cost 5 bucks, lasts 4 meals. Just don't think about the fat cals and your good..

Add a little Hot Sauce, catsup, or extra flavoring of your choosing and your good to go...

Comment Used to be that we were safe... (Score 1) 319

In the past we used to think that we were totally safe because in the past most hackers were like Dogs and didn't "shite where they sleep". but now we are among the rest of you realizing that the new generation of hackers are a truely dogs, and eat their shite after they poop it......

Comment Re:Always a niche (Score 1) 317

I'm not sure if you're thinking that thought through. Yes the higher education institutions could sell the personal relationship with the expert. But they don't necessarily have to do it in a classroom environment. Video chat is main stream now, and it can even be done as a classroom. Brick and Mortar schools could easily become a thing of the past with the advent of Broadband availability to most/all homes (even internationally).

Essentially, Colleges and Universities will still exist, but on a much smaller footprint, and will become Media creativity hubs (Compute/Storage farm, and pure research facility), where professors will generate content for online consumption. Then once their curriculum for the semester is complete the head home (wherever that may be), and make themselves available for Video/Audio conference, and/or if they choose a live video classroom.

Universities will become a true sense of what everyone thinks of them now, A place that will give you a piece of paper after several years of paying them 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars. Then you use that paper to get you in the door of you first job and not much beyond that...

Comment Depends on the term "Property" (Score 1) 312

It's pretty Vague, but using the term unbroken I assume it means "Personal Property" not including Homes or Land. If so than I might fit the 5000 with 4 cars, furnature from a 3 bedroom victorian (9 rooms in all, all rooms furnished and furnished basement home theater), and throw in all the personal other stuff like computers/tvs/clothes.

If it implies all "property" then 5000 is not enough....

Comment Re:Okay, I'll ask first: (Score 1) 211

<quote>It's something that EA is giving out 3-day passes to for beta testing. It consists of a 10GB download and contains quests.</quote>

Actually, not 10Gb, it's 30+Gb.

For those that don't know what it is, it's the New StarWars MMO comming out on December 20th (if you preorder you get early access, and it's estimated that there may be as many as 1 Million pre orders already). It's based 3000 years before the movies, 300 years after the original SW: Knights of the Old Republic game from Bioware.

And I'm in Full beta (not NDA breaking to say your in). and all I can say to the poster is. Pick a class and play. You'll find it's a joy to play, there is no feeling of "Grinding" like in most/all other MMOs. You'll find that your leveling without even realizing it, as the Story is everything. you'll find yourself pushing yourself forward to hear more of the story, beyond the push to get levels...

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