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Journal Journal: Goodbye to page widening! 1

In your preferences, mark +1 to long comments, mark Cmdertaco and his ilk as foes, change foe to -1, change your reading threshold to 0. It works!

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Journal Journal: Two first posts in a row 2

Two in a row. I don't normally go for first posts(refreshing constantly just isn't an enjoyable activity for me), but these two just happened to drop into my lap. However, I was thwarted in my quest for a 3rd by a hot lunch date. It was worth the loss of braggadocio. Neither post is Samuel L. Clemens-esque, but instead are examples of pure first post panic in action.

First post #1

First post #2

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Journal Journal: Ramblings on mod abuse 1

When i started this account, i did not mean for it to be a full time troll account. However, after I posted a statement about how "I hated knee jerking mods"(ie, those that don't even read the post, they just mark -1), i proceeded to watch my karma drop from -1 to -14 in the span of a couple of minutes. I've since built it back up to -7 fairly quickly(through a mix of genius karma whoring and basic trolling as well), but I don't think I want to be a 0 again just to get 10 of my posts knocked down simultaneously because some mod didn't get his crack fix that day.

Now I see I am not alone in this. Look at this post

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Update: another instance of this abuse:

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