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Comment Kudos to Zappos for the way they handled this. (Score 5, Insightful) 122

Shit happens, the way handle crisis is what matters. Zappos was very open about this, sent me an email, asked me to change password, set up new email addresses and web pages for this problem and questions that customers may have, and announced the issue quickly.

I wish more companies would act like this.

Comment At least they have a public list. (Score 5, Informative) 356

Here in Iran messages are censored but nobody knows for which words. It's not even consistent: when there's going to be a protest event or news the filtering increases. Normally it filters less words. People guess these words. The worst happens for advertisers and advertising companies that send bulk SMS and later find out that nothing has delivered!

Comment Re:How do we work this (Score 2) 988

There's something badly wrong about Apple.

Yes, they're great in may aspects. But there's something wrong with them.

I can't exactly say what is this, but a major part of it is that they hate non-Apple. In the early 80s they were hating IBM. Later they switched to Microsoft. Now Google and Android is the devil of the time. That's why being a fan of Apple usually means hating Google, Microsoft, Linux, FSF, and everybody else. I don't get it. I'm a fan of Apple, and am a big of lots of others too.

They think they are the only one doing actual work. Everybody else is copying Apple, but everything Apple does is new. They always talk about Apple's "innovation," and love talking about how everyone else is doing nothing but copying Apple. When we're talking about Apple products, they understand it very well that technology evolves, and Apple using already-available technology seems second-nature to them. When we turn to others... no, technology does not evolve. It begins at One Infinite Loop.

Also, they think everything Apple does is superior to every other competitor with no question. iTunes and iDevice don't support FLAC because they have Apple Lossless, but most of audiophiles have large collections of FLAC files. I remember John Gruber had lots of problems with a particular version of Safari, but the only solution he didn't consider was switching to another browser, because Safari is the browser.

And all of this comes from Steve Jobs' personality. That's normal because most companies are like their founders.

I wish Apple itself was half as good as their products.

Comment "Pushing away" is a wrong verb here. (Score 1) 556

It's not a secret that professionals were a major target of Apple's marketing for a long time, and now things have changed.

Most of Slashdot readers here might remember the time when "Pro" was among the items of's menu bar. Professionals were important to Apple then because they were the source of a considerable portion of company's revenue. Apple's main campaign then encouraged people to be different. Now it encourages people to buy an iPhone because everybody else have one. Because there's no need to focus on a niche market when you can have a major market.

But Apple is not pushing anyone away. Why should it do that? It just doesn't put them at the top of their list anymore.


Submission + - DMR Dead at 70 (

An anonymous reader writes: Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, a true legend among the original computer programmers, died sometime earlier this week at his home. Ritchie was the R in the original K+R programming manuals. He left us with the legacy of the C language and the Unix operating system. It would be beyond imagination to think any other individual could transcend technology the way DMR did, and shared with us all. Godbless.

Comment He went a bit too extreme here. (Score 1) 1452

There's no one today in the tech world who can easily claim he's not been affected by RMS's works. It's funny that Apple's Xcode uses FSF's GCC.

But he's a lot like super fanboys of Apple: blind about their own choice and thinking that others who don't use what they use have a problem. Calling others fool because they use Apple products is not a great way of achieving any constructive goal.

What saddens me is seeing people who think that liking one of these good things also means hating others. I'm a big fan of Apple, but I'm also a big fan of FSF, Google, and others too.

Today I spent most of time using Emacs on a MacBook Air.

Comment Re:Wrong Info (Score 1) 134

Talking in public about these is not a good idea (specially that you're name in the story links directly to your Gmail address), but no, I didn't have to change the port. It stopped working last week, but that was for a few days only. Anyway, I suggest that you never rely on only one anti-censorship solution. Have a handful of them at your disposal, and switch to another when one of them doesn't work.

Comment Wrong Info (Score 4, Informative) 134

The summary says Iran started internet censorship after the election and people started using VPN from then. No, it's not like that. First, internet censorship goes back to at 7 or 8 years, IIRC. Long before the election. Second, anti-censorship tools have always been changing in all these years. VPN is just the main tool of most of people now, but even two years ago (right after election) few people knew VPN and used other tools. So, things look tough, but it's not that we are going to lose our connection with the world. We always find a solution. Even right now I'm using a PPTP VPN and if you see this comment it works well. The only solution to prevent people from accessing sites the government doesn't like would be to shut down internet connection with the outside world completely. And I hope they won't do that, at least not for long.

Comment Brightly (Score 2) 247

Forgot to mention Brightly in my submitted story! This part is FAQ of the email is interesting:

How does this affect our cloud IDE (Brightly)?

Brightly will enable building any web application in V1 using today’s Javascript plus the additions in Harmony. As soon as it is ready, Brightly will support Dash as well. We expect that the more prescriptive development aspects of Brightly that will come on line in the future will be more Dash focused.

We expect Brightly itself to be the first application written in Dash.

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