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Comment Re:Look to Healthcare (Score 1) 177

I work at a hospital. We audit people's access to medical records. You can be, and people have been, fired for looking at their own medical record or the medical records of their minor children when that access was made in a way that does not directly relate to their job. You are required to ask for the information the same as any other patient.

If only we could spread that kind of accountability and auditing...

Quoting to aid visibility.

Comment Re:People with power are like children (Score 1) 177

He will still take the cookies.
Put that kid on a timeout once and 99% of the kids will stop stealing cookies. .

I don't understand that at all. So the kid gets the cookie, eats the cookie, and is punished by sitting for 10 minutes enjoying the cookie remnants still in his teeth.

Comment Re:Don't worry! (Score 1) 177

or a desk job with plenty of overtime and take home 6 figures for that year.

My ex-brother in-law would use his seniority to work Christmas night and New Years when it fell on a weekend. One night == a week of pay: nighttime pay, weekend pay, holiday pay, ... all at time and a half or more ....

Well, that money was going to go to someone who had to man that shift. A worse violation would be if he never had to serve the holiday shifts so he could be with his family, but forcing the guys with less seniority to always take them.

Comment Re: Rule of thumb (Score 1) 305

Please review the following conversation.

ScentCone: People fly recreational and commercial aircraft right over your house every day of the year.
I'm New: .... Not within shotgun range, they don't.
Aereus: ..... You sure about that? An ultralight doesn't need to file a flightplan, and those don't fly very high at all.
I'm New: .... Ultralights don't fly over my house every day.
ScentCone: Really? No domestic or international commercial air traffic flies over your house?
I'm New: .... I didn't know international flights use ultralights.

I'm not the one who focused on ultralights.

Comment Re:Ruining it for everyone (Score 3, Insightful) 305

If you're flying it over your own property, you probably are standing there in your backyard. Your neighbor probably saw you in your backyard. Your neighbor probably knows you have a toy helicopter you fly over your own backyard.

If after all that, you only fly if over your own backyard, but only when the neighbor's teenage daughter is sunbathing in their backyard, yes it deserves to be taken out.

Comment Re: Ruining it for everyone (Score 1) 305

Let's assume we have a certain wooded block that's two miles to a side in the country, and several landowners that own non-rectangular sections. None of it is marked "No Trespassing", in accordance with your assertion. It is well known that all of the landowners except one allow hunting on their parcel, no written permission required.

Now let's someone is walking on property owned by a landowner that allows hunting, and he crosses 10 feet over the unmarked boundary onto the property of the landowner that does not allow trespassing. He then turns around and retraces his steps back 20 feet, all without knowing he even crossed that boundary.

If the non-permissive landowner had a camera there, and took the video of trespass to the local prosecutor's office, do you think he could get the trespasser arrested? Do you think the trespasser could possibly be convicted if it did go to court?

Comment Re:Difference between drones and RC planes/chopper (Score 1) 305

Test that theory. Print this part of the page out, take it to your next drone meeting, and ask everyone to prove bronney wrong by taping over their camera. Have every person fly simply for the pleasure of seeing a drone fly.

Let us know what percentage of your fellow operators are purists.

PS. I know this reads as pure snark, but I only mean it as one quarter snark, and three quarters real challenge of your claim.

Comment Re: Yup (Score 1) 305

Unless you own the land outside the city you plan to fly on I wouldn't suggest that either.

There is a reason there are rc clubs with private airstrips and tracks.

That may have been his point. Other that that, there are many areas of the country (the US in this example) with wide open spaces that no one is going to care if someone is flying a toy helicopter over one weekend a month.

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