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Comment Re:Only the earthworks are visible (Score 1) 147

I was thinking more along the lines as the base of something multi-storied. Who knows, I am just tired of every ancient building made of stone referred to as a temple of some kind.

The only thing about Human's that has really changed over the millennia is how fast we can kill each other. I imagine Human nature and behaviour to be much the same 10,000 years ago as 10 years ago. There has to be room for something with a more mundane purpose that has survived through the ages.

Of course there were more mundane buildings than just temples and fortresses. But why would ancient hunters and farmers haul enormous stone blocks over many miles, just to make a really cool above-ground foundation for a discotheque?

Comment Re:Only the earthworks are visible (Score 1) 147

look at the massive amount of resources people pour into religion... historically it is perhaps only rivaled by defense.

Based on your argument all our major cities will be viewed as giant mecca's of religion. Which they clearly are not. I expect the subways would be the church of the underworld etc.

It's only very recently that we've regularly created massive structures for purely secular use.

5000k+ years ago we had massive structures built for purely secular purposes using 'green' technology. What would those ruins look like?

It would depend on which alien race helped us make temples to aliens.

Comment Re:They are provoking a response (Score 1, Interesting) 626

Are you rolling a hundred-sided die? Because there is a large gap between 90% and 16%. Every single state that Trump "had to win" to reach 270 went to him. The official polls through the election had it impossible for his to reach 270, yet he managed to get over 300. Face it, the polls were not just wrong or inaccurate, they were not based on reality.

For the record, I didn't support or vote for Trump. I voted Green Party again. But I could see the writing on the wall for months before the election.

Comment Re:This backlash is done by children (Score 0) 626

You are making it appear as if it was Trump vs. money elite. Unfortunately, Trump *is* money elite. Just add his team's fortunes together. Notice something? Right! This is the *richest* admin in US history!

It' one elite trying to fuck over the other elite. You and me are the losers.

Trump isn't fucking me over, like his opponents managed to do under the previous administration. Obama went out of his way to fuck over the average white or black American. Actually, he didn't even help the hispanic Americans, only the hispanic non-Americans.

You can scream about the change in policy all you want. The president is supposed to be looking out for Americans, not Syrians and Yemenis, and not the boards of directors of 97 large corporations.

Comment Re:This backlash is done by children (Score 1) 626

The question now is, can the republicans survive him?

The Republicans have been doing this since 2008. Some of people we consider moderates today actually originally rode to power harnessing the Tea Party movement that incubated the more extreme Trump agenda. Right now, they have complete control over two branches of government, and the only reason they don't control the third is that it's not elected.

So given it's worked for them so far, I can't imagine it'll destroy them until the US itself is completely destroyed by this insanity.

As opposed to the previous admin's rule of "All immigrants, all the time!"?

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