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Comment Re:Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 145

I live in south west Florida, which is a flat as it gets. I don't know how far the towers are from me, but I'm at the edge of town, not out in the swamp. The channels come in clearly, except for every few seconds the picture freezes, or part of it has squares that stay the same as the rest of the picture changes. Or it just goes black for 10 seconds.

I have tried several antennas and they all perform exactly the same, whether the box says 30 miles or 60 mile coverage. Tried a cheap rectangle of plastic, and an expensive one that had to be assembled with parts sticking out all over. Also had a few in between. Same reception with every one. Crappy.

Comment Re:Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 145

It wasn't 1080p, but a lot of it was about as good as an analog TV could display.

So, it was better than digital broadcast TV displays? Because digital TV is crap where I live. We stopped watching live TV a year ago because the reception was so spotty. Netflix and Hulu are good enough.

My mother still watches TV, but I also just bought her a Chromecast dongle, and logged her into our Netflix account. She has cable internet (not cable TV), so might as well make use of it beyond email and Facebook.

Comment Re:They DIDN'T sign up because of Trump... (Score 1, Troll) 26

When I read the summary, I was wondering just what " incoming commander-in-chief's expansive digital surveillance powers" exist, that didn't exist for Obama.

Maybe the new signups are from Meryl Streep and her Hollywood friends, afraid that Trump will read their emails.

Comment Re:Lasting value (Score 1) 101

If everyone at shopping malls was there buying wrenches, Sears would be in much better financial shape today. Most of the people at shopping malls are simply there to waste their money on the latest fads and cheap baubles, while eating overpriced garbage. My wife makes me participate several times a year, so I speak from experience.

Just because money changed hands, doesn't mean the goods and services have lasting value.

Comment Re:DAB is garbage. (Score 3, Interesting) 303

He wasn't completely wrong. They should keep the existing FM stations how they are. And nothing in the summary above mentions that the spectrum used is different. It says the decision was "swayed by the fact that digital networks can carry more radio channels." Most of us readers probably assumed it used the same spectrum. Especially since the American system does do that. And we were wrong in only that one aspect.

And if digital audio broadcasting is anything like the digital TV broadcasting here in the US, digital FM is going to be a nightmare. We don't have cable TV at the moment (the past year so far), and my wife doesn't want to watch local broadcast TV because of the lousy reception. So we have Netflix and Hulu instead of free digital broadcast. With digital FM, I expect Norway is going to see a surge in music streaming, or maybe cassette decks will make a comeback. I still have tapes I can listen to.

Comment Re:Don't be afraid of the NSA, be afriad of Facebo (Score 1) 116

I admit I was not thinking straight on that one.

  In my brain, I was thinking of the private sector anti-discrimination suits, and tying them into the government anti-discrimination suits. Private sector anti-discrimination is of course set by laws, federal and state. The Constitution prohibits various discriminatory practices for governments, or government run institutions like public colleges. Somehow, those two different situations got mingled in my brain in my first post.

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