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Comment Re: Alternative competitiveness (Score 2) 73

I'm signed up with LinkedIn. Every so often is spams me that someone else I know is also on LinkedIn, or asks me to spam other people I know to join LinkedIn.

Other than that, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it. I never have used it as any resource. I think it simply convinced a few people to sign up with them, and infected the internet from there.

Comment Re: Next! (Score 1) 155

That article is just more of what your first post's article had in it. And neither one is very meaningful until the laws are actually made.

Ah, good. Now we're getting to it. Read the summary for the article we're talking about. {OK, I just did.} It's also just a "proposed" law, but it apparently has caused much consternation among the commenters.

Maybe because such a law was recently implemented in Europe, and many commenters don't like the theory behind it. Not simply "a right to be forgotten", but "I have the right to censor what you write about me, eventually". Your articles are more about "don't block interstates and main streets with your Constitutionally protected protest". This law forces me to remove something I have put up: "and online speakers] shall remove content about such individual, "; and actually restricts my Constitutionally protected write by outlawing "replacing such removed content with any disclaimer [or] takedown notice.”

Don't you think we should also hold our fire on this new bill until the "law is actually made"?

No, I think all bad laws should be aired and fought before they're made. Waiting until later means someone has to go to court, maybe be arrested and convicted, before the bad law is overturned.

Or are you suggesting that when a Democratic state legislator proposes a bill it should be held to a different standard than when Republican legislators do it?

I'm glad I never said such a thing. Others might, of both parties, and not think it is wrong. That's humans for ya!

I am currently in a state (Texas) where state legislators are famous for proposing bills that are so stupid it would make your head spin. Their laws are overturned by the US Supreme Court as unconstitutional more often than just about any other state in the union.

Again, bad laws should be stopped early. But just going by numbers is misleading because of political prejudices of state legislators, state/federal judges, and supreme court justices.

Comment Re: What's with the banner across the page? (Score 1) 101

No, my page shifts around in firefox. On my phone I get a full page ad inviting me to enter a contest that I can't make go away. I have to close my browser and come back to read slashdot. At first I thought I had malware of some sort but it only happened on slashdot.

The nice thing about running an adblocker (Ublock Origin) is that I had no idea this was happening until you guys started mentioning it. Seriously, there's an easy solution for this.

I have Adblock running in Chrome, and even tried Adblock Plus as well. Both could "see" the grey bar, and could make it go away, but could not make it stay away. It's similar with sidebar ads on the yahoo page.

I could use the script blockers, and have before. But they make reading or adding comments very difficult/annoying, so I gave up on them.

I will try Ublock Origin and see if the grey bar goes away. Thanks for the info.

Comment Re:Your attitude is why Trump won the election. (Score 1) 648

How detailed do you want me to be when replying to a four sentence posting that ends with "Why is it you and other republicans lie so much?"?

Well it would help if you didn't post blatant lies.


Less need for a detailed reply to tht question really. But tell you what, here's how you accurately reply:

"Yes, oops, sorry I posted incorrect things about climate science and I retract my comment"

Try that for size.

Maybe if I was the AC that meglon responded to, but it was not me. I simply posted my interpretation of his insulting comments.

Do you want my interpretation of your insulting comments?

Comment Re: A budget that actually has to budget something (Score 1) 648

Thank you for proving my point. Notice that line marked "Debt without the three policies". With or without the tax cuts, there was no surplus.

The line saying "Where we thought we'd be" was based on the Dot Com bubble lasting. But when thousands of start-up companies collapsed, laying off millions of highly paid workers, tax revenue goes down.

Comment Re: Your attitude is why Trump won the election. (Score 1) 648

And I'm sure some of your colleagues voted for Trump. How does that make you feel? Do you tell your non-liberal coworkers to fuck off?

They elected a know nothing, anti-science, scandal-ridden vulgarian asshole with an agenda to fill his own and his family's coffers by grifting the presidency, to enact bigoted legislation, to dismantle the government, and has no clue or interest in how a government functions.

No, Hillary didn't win. Your fears are ungrounded. I mean, if that is what you were worried about. Or do you just oppose those types when their name isn't followed by a 'D' on the ballot?

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