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Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 73

Actually, in many places it does. The sun heating certain areas in the morning creates wind. Those areas cooling in the evening causes wind. At mid-day and mid-night, there is no heat gradient to cause strong wind.

Alternately, storms blow for days at a time, with strong winds for the whole period. And windmills are shut down so they don't break from turning past their rated rpm.

And nice way to completely leave off solar, as the article/submission mentioned how many millions of solar panels were installed last year. They sure don't produce much energy in a Northern winter.

Comment Re:Perspective: idling car (Score 1) 328

I am not surprised that the concentration passed the threshold. I see people who sit in their idling cars who don't appear to be doing anything at all. Parked normally, in a busy (i.e. safe) parking lot, with nice weather, thus no need for AC or heat. I see people who start their big trucks up so they can charge their phones, because, otherwise, they'd have to go 5 minutes without a social media update. I see people who are at the gas station and are pumping gas to their car, which means their car is not going ANYWHERE for the duration of the fill-up, with the vehicle idling.

Please tell me where you see people filling their tanks with the engine running.

I see all these dumb people who think they must let the car idle because they are in the car and it would be a sin for the car to not be running if there is someone inside the car. It doesn't make any sense.

Of course, someone will reply to say that cars aren't contributing that much. Look up what part of the CO2 output now comes from cars. They've become the main source, according to at least one source. The person that replies so will probably also claim humans aren't doing anything that causes warming to begin with. Which means their reply is pointless.

Comment Re:Perspective (Score 1) 328

Geologic time scales? Pisshhh. If you weren't such a poser you'd go straight to universal time scales, where the earth averages out to a cloud of dust. So whats the big deal if a supervillian builds a planet vaporizing death ray? The atoms were there before, they'll be there after.

Finally!! Someone gets it! I was beginning to think you guys would never figure that one out.

Comment Re:Welcome distraction (Score 3, Informative) 99

Sounds like working in the repair room at a national computer store chain (that is now out of business).

"Fix those 15 computers, while answering the phone every five minutes for people checking if their computer is done yet, let every customer on the sales floor stop you to ask what's on sale while you are trying to get a part for one of those 15 computers, and keep full notes on each work order's progress using the online forms written in ASCII ten years earlier."

Surprisingly, I increased my work output several percent just by buying my own tape gun. No more having to find where the overnight stock crew left them, to be able to tape the work orders to the finished computers.

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