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Comment Re:i.e. Trump (Score 2, Informative) 112

When you want to prove a point with a bomb strike, not a body count, you give warning that you are doing it. This lets the 'enemy' move their troops out, and prevents the news coverage from focusing on all those "poor innocent soldiers" lying dead in the target zone.

The fact that you can't even conceive there is a reason to warn the enemy this way shows how much you understand of the real world.

Now go back to class so you can get more idiotic arguments shoved into your brain.

Comment Re:There must be a mistake ... (Score 1, Interesting) 312

Women can fix this by changing their selection criteria en masse. As long as women only choose those men who can support themselves and others while men choose women with youth and beauty, the future will be still be filled with men who have to compete and women who don't.

Women are working on that now. Have you seen some of the wimpy dolts that couldn't survive on their own for a month, but as long as they speak the correct drivel they have dumb college girls clinging to them?

The balancing force of that species suicide is that when the useless dolts manage to impregnate them, the girls get abortions because they realize that the dolts can't support themselves, much less a new child.

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