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User Journal

Journal Journal: Episode #2

Welcome to Episode #2 in horrible Slashdot modding!

Someone please explain to me how that is a troll? Personally, I woulda modded it +1 insightfull, as I was shining some insight into the discussion....

I guess that's what I get for not meta-moderating every day like I should.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Stupidity

It's stupid that you can't post and moderate in the same story. I can see not being allowed to moderate your own posts, or the same thread as you've posted in, but not being able to moderate ANYTHING withing that story!?
User Journal

Journal Journal: Karma back up!

Yay! A few good, insightful (well, minus the dumb posts I posted as "anonymous coward) posts later, my karma is back up at positive! w00t!

I am also amazed that someone actually read AND replied to a post I made here in my journal. And at that, someone I don't even know. I thought I was just posting in here for myself... wow.... The world seems so much...bigger...or something...

Ok, thats it. This journal entry sucks. I'm modding it down -6 (gay waste of time)
User Journal

Journal Journal: WTF? 1

WTF? I make 1 bad comment which is modded down as "troll" and my karma goes from positive to bad! WTF? I don't even think my comment was that bad! Offtopic maybe, but not "troll"!

Heres the comment in question:

I'll bet that if I just didn't stick the "HAHAHAHA" in there, then it wouldn't have gotten modded down. How ghey.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Gmail

WooHoo! I got a gmail invite! So now, if any of you want to send me any spam, please, by all means send it to so it can be cached and saved forever!
User Journal

Journal Journal: Friends...

Uhm... how do I add/remove people from my friends list? Please email me if you know, cause I can't figure it out. (Sad, isn't it?)

Edit: Ahh... thanks FAQ! I figured it out!
User Journal

Journal Journal: Journal

Well... Apparently I have a journal. Welcome to it! I figure I should put at least something here, so here is something.

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