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Journal Journal: back to school.

I read the journals of just about anyone who posts a comment here that I enjoy, and some of the journals are so profound and thought provoking. I figure I'll keep mine stupid, because thinking hurts me sometimes.

I start grad school tomorrow. I officially started last week with my orientation session, but my classes don't start until tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to it. I've spent the past 5 1/2 years waiting for the perfect opportunity to go back. Riding the bubble high, I knew I wouldn't ever want to quit working to go back and be a poor student again. I had lived that life before. Now that so many of my peers and aquaintances are out of work, I know better than to quit a great job to go back full time. But the time felt right to go back and pursue an MBA. It is not necessarily the field that I am the most interested in at this point of my life, but I know that it will help me make that inevitable jump from techy to manager that I will need to do some day.

Balancing graduate courses and a full time career will be interesting. My fond memories of being an undergrad consisted of kegstands and making IPX networks so we could have primitive LAN parties playing Doom. Something tells me that this experience won't replicate that. What I hope to get out of this experience is first and foremost, the feeling of success I always had when turning out work as a student. I never felt as excited about any of my professional accomplishments as I was of my academic accomplishments.

Secondly, I hope to actually learn something useful and to become well rounded. My CS skills have really slumped, but they are still there. I have always been a fan of the liberal arts. But I have always been lacking in areas such as statistics, finance, and marketing. This degree should help me learn a little more about those fields. Knowledge is power.

Hopefully there will be some time for socializing. I could do a kegstand like nobody's business....

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Journal Journal: My car

Finally got my new Saab 9-3 this weekend. I'm a happy girl now. It has pretty much broken the bank for me, so now I have an excuse to hang around home and work on some of my geek projects I really have been neglecting lately.
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Journal Journal: Dude, where's my car

My Saab 9-3 is still MIA. I was supposed to take delivery of it on 4/23, but Saab doesn't know where it is at. I'm getting really impatient. Worse, I'm putting more miles on the car I'm supposed to be trading in. I'm within 100 miles of the mark the dealership told me not to surpass or else I'll get less on the trade in. If it wasn't such a cool car, I'd just walk.
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Journal Journal: Sleep

I've been up since I was paged at 3:30 this morning. I have been off coffee since February 10. I can't remember why I quit. Anyway, I am ready to go home and go to bed.

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