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Journal Journal: Windows Reduced Media Edition

The "Reduced Media" edition of Windows is all over the news. Frankly, I just don't see the point. They yanked out the Media Player, and so what?

Here's the arguments of the pro side, transposed into a different domain:

The European Union has forced GM to release a "Reduced Carburation" model of their line-up. No longer will users be force-fed the stock carburettor, with GM squeezing out smaller carburettor manufacturers in the process. Encouraging the user to take a more active interest in the carburation of their engine, the new models are expected to boost the sales of after-market carburettors. The more tech-savvy users will have to option upgrade to better carburettors like the Weber four-barrell or Solex' latest offerings.


(And yes, I know everybody uses fuel injection these days.)

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Journal Journal: Alternative career for old GMs?

Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reports that in criminal circles there are some people that put together "robbery packages", comprising reconnaissance reports of the target, lists of equipment needed and a detailed "how-to" for the heist. They sell the package to someone willing to risk it, and collect a cash payment as well as a dividend of the eventual loot.

As an old GM, I could do that... :)

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Journal Journal: What does it take?

What does it take to do a good job as a programmer? I'll list some points, maybe I'll elaborate later:
  • Don't assume: Assumptions are the root of all evil. In many case studies on SW reliability and safety, failures can be traced back to an assumption done by a programmer in lieu of hard data.
  • Know your tools: Not taking the time to learn to use your editor, CASE tool, debugger and other tools effectively is as stupid for a programmer as a chef that never sharpens his knives. "I have no time" the chef might say, but he wouldn't efficient in the long run.
  • Learn a scripting language: Having good tools is essential, but nobody manufactures the excact tools you need. Learning a scripting language will enable you to generate code, sort through big amounts of data, extract important information from trace logs etc. All this can be done in programming languages too, but it takes time.
  • Don't confuse the end with the means: You might love C++ dearly; it doesn't meen that it's the right tool for every job. Neither is Visual Basic. The same applies to other tools: Don't use a relational database if a stack of index cards will do the job.
  • Never stop learning: Enough said.

That's all for this Thursday afternoon.


Journal Journal: Signatures

[Hmm, a journal function. What does it do? Klickety-klick...]

One small thing that's been bugging me; why can't people put a seperator between their signature and the message body? Or at least put the .sig in italics or something? Sometimes the signature and the message are hard to tell apart, especially since many people actually have a message in their .sig.

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