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Journal Journal: Why I Won't Post In SlashDot Until It Changes It's Attitude

To Everyone:

Because Slashdot has started to completely censor my writings, I will not be contributing to this site any longer, including reading it, and I will tell everyone I can about my experiences here.

I will continue this policy until I feel the situation has been corrected AND I am made whole.

Slashdot management started out by marking my Karma rating at 'Terrible' which starts out EVERY post of mine at a negative 1 (-1) for moderation points, about two years ago. This 'rating' is reserved, as implies in the Slashdot Faq's.. to those who are spammers or otherwise known to try and destroy Slashdot by some other means.

This means that someone has to join Slashdot and change their settings to ready ANY of my posts (or others with such a negative moderation level), or otherwise go through many nearly impossible 'hoops' in order to read all responses in a particular thread. Most people do not have the time, patience or knowledge, to do ALL OF THIS, in order to read ALL opinions on matters.

I don't' know about you folks, but I like ALL opinions on topics.. with EASY access to read.

I put up with that for quite some time until I found out recently that they also COMPLETELY prevent ANYONE from reading my posts.. when they *somehow* made my posts disappear on page breaks!

Anyone who reads my writings knows that I put allot into most of my postings over the last 4 years or so, especially those related to technical issues. I use to moderate, and have had some submissions accepted for posting as topics.

However I noticed Slashdot gradually doing things to hide my posts when I started to theorize on my beliefs that 'The Jewish Mafia' was endangering the whole earth. I would put these comments in my signatures or in other relevant areas of postings.

Apparently I struck a nerve... (Good)!!

Slashdot is no longer the leader of technical discussion on the Net, obviously, but merely running on the last fumes of the Slashdot of yesteryear. Just look at their topics the last year or so, and the drop off in valuable input from members on topics that are respectable and relevant.

They seem to think others and I are dispensable.

I personally believe any business, including a website, that claims a part of the Internet, should NEVER completely censor anyone.

There ARE ways to 'box in' and keep your forums running 'like-you-want', without tasteless and deplorable methods, as partial or full censorship!!!

If EVERYONE on the net, running a site or a *real* business (in the real world) for that matter, were aloud to 'trespass' or ban anyone, as we see happening more and more, then eventually the net and businesses.. society for that matter, would come to a near screeching halt.

Either someone is in business (or allowing access to a part of the net which they are privileged to be in charge of), or they are not. They should not, and WILL NOT be able to dictate whom they 'like' and whom they don't like (allow).

Since one cannot 'cancel' your account and have any user names or threads/posts/submissions deleted (because of Slashdot's policy), I will not be writing here anymore for two main reasons.

- Because of my being censored, when Slashdot management feels like it, which is nearly 100% of the time.

- I see NO reason to help a web site with my writings and efforts, that censors people.

If anyone wants to contact me I am usually under the nicks Halvy or Halvy101 (or very similar).

Any 'false' Halvy's should be easy to recognize, as my writing pattern is well known ;)

Take care everyone..


Halvy :)

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