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Journal Journal: Pride 2

As a trust fund baby and wealthy investment banker, I take great pride in dedicating my life to harming the homeless and less privileged. In my spare time, me and my other wealthy friends conspire against the public to keep everyone in debt and to most importantly, keep some random homeless person from getting a job.

Through the AI I've spent millions developing, I alone (well, with the exception of the thousands of employees I've hired to help the script's development) am responsible for the large volume of posts Slashdot gets each day all with the intention of crowding some random homeless idiot. There's probably less than 200 or so active humans on Slashdot. The rest of the accounts and posts are all due to me and my automated scripts and AI.

To those of you wondering, 'where is the support for these implausible claims?' Please save me the browbeating and refrain from posting such questions. You are only asking them because I'm rich and as you should know the burden of evidence lays on everyone else besides the person making the claims.

I'm out for now. Off to go buy out a few more governments so I can encourage them to export more skilled and dedicated workers to the U.S.

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