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Journal Journal: Is it Just Coincidence?

I wonder if it is just co-incidence?

I just happened to look a thread titled 'HP Releases Linux Based Notebook' and noticed what seems to be a posssible concerted effort to stifle comments about potentially competing prodoucts.

Check this subthread:

It can be seen that every post that had a refernce to successes etc. with IBM Thinkpad notbooks were modded down as Troll (and in one case Redundant). If you read the comments, they are nowhere near being Trollish, neither in content or tone. They don't even deserve a Redundant or Offtopic mod because, in a discussion on laptops, it is quite important to look at the alternatives an in case of Linux, even more so, since we have to depend more on user experiences.

Have anyone else, noticed such behaviour on Slashdot? (putting aside the usual 'liberal media' and 'conservative media' junk.)

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Journal Journal: GNOME 2.6+ Concerns

I like GTK widget set and GNOME. They are much neater and behaves much better, in my experience, than Qt and KDE widgets have. That is why I am concerned about the latest two extreme views in GNOME.

One seems to want to go overboard with clutter and user modes which might be bad in the long time.

While the other is catering to one group at the expense of every others and in the near future, I do not even see the group they are catering to being attracted to GNOME because of the changes that make life difficult for others, especially their current dedicated user base.

See the silly blog entry for more rants.

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Journal Journal: Trick to remember.

From the post by GiMP:

...If the software doesn't allow you to print to file, then print to the command "cat >" to save to

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