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Journal Journal: Must loose weight !

I don't know how I suddenly became a fat person after being skinny for so long but this has got to stop. On another note, going to Pharmore puts a fresh perspective on life. I was rung up by a cashier obviously very angry with the world and all that it was doing to her. She seemed to be particularly angry with the very thin bags and even more angry with the fact that store policy prohibited her from "doubling up" the bags. She was taking a stand and she made a point of announcing to everyone as they arrived at the check out counter that she was going to make sure their merchandise was taken out of this particular store in doubled up bags and she didn't care what the goddamned store policy was. import com.angry.lady.very.long.rant.*; She went on and on while people arrived and left with each shaking their heads as to what she was even talking about. God, you've got to love places like that for a sense of perspective in the middle of a work day.

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