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Comment Re:Opera Mini is Webcore, not Presto (Score 1) 71

Opera Mini is Webcore, not Presto

No, Opera Mini uses both.

With data savings set to extreme it runs everything through Opera servers that run Presto. This is the traditional Mini mode that has been around since the beginning.

With data savings set to high it will indeed use WebView on the phone. This is a rather new feature introduced last year. The traffic is still directed through Opera servers, now using the "Opera Turbo" mode from Opera's desktop browser and the Opera for Android mobile browser.


Comment Re:Why were the updates problematic? (Score 1) 156

I ny case the OEM driver is simply stupid.

I have a Lenovo laptop with 3 buttons next to the touchpad. I prefer using the center button as just button 3, same as clicking the mouse wheel. The default simple mouse driver included in Windows works just like this.

However Windows 10 will detect that there is an "enhanced" Lenovo provided Synaptics driver and insist on installing that. This driver changes the center button to some "scroll" mode, hold the button and swipe the touchpad and it will send scroll events. This behaviour is not configurable.

To add extra insult to injury the touchpad is perfectly capable of 2-finger multitouch scrolling. The center button scroll mode is some leftover mouse-wheel emulation crap from 10 years ago before multitouch touchpads where common. It's totally not needed.

If I uninstall the "enhanced" driver Windows 10 will forcibly reinstall it for me in the evening. Gee thanks!

Nowadays I run Fedora on the laptop.

- greger

Comment Autonomous car charging (Score 1) 61

Gruzen envisions a future in which EV owners can send autonomous cars to charging stations remotely, a future that would only be possible with wireless charging stations.

This dude and his garage begs to differ

GM if anyone would have the engineering resources to put together a reliable and automatic physical charging connection.


Comment I'm dissapointed... (Score 1) 118

I expected Elliot to be elite enough to be part of the top site scene, grabbing his warez of choice through chained ftp-bouncers. All while enjoying free leech thanks to services rendered like writing up a couple of SecuROM and C-Dilla unpackers on the side of his regular network intrusion schtick.

The thought of him crawling in the BitTorrent muck with us regular plebs just makes me sad. :(


Comment No chained vulnerabilities? Really? (Score 4, Interesting) 45

It is also notable in that it is a single clean exploit that does not require multiple chained vulnerabilities to work, the researchers say.

I have a hard time believing that. On Android V8 and the rest of the layout engine run in a restricted sandbox service that has no permissions to install apps.

In addition to exploiting V8 they must be using a separate privilege escalation in the Android userspace or Linux kernel to install the APK, especially if there is no interaction needed like accepting the standard install dialog.

I'm sure curious to hear the real story when Google releases a fix.


Comment Re:Good and bad about 5X (Score 1) 208

As I explained, 64-bit apps use more RAM, running 32-bit and 64-bit apps together uses more RAM.

If they had stayed with a 32-bit CPU then yes, 2 GB RAM would still be adequate.

To make a car analogy, they put in a bigger engine but didn't upgrade the suspension or brakes. The result is actually a worse car than the previous model because now it's a road hazard.


Comment Re:Good and bad about 5X (Score 1) 208

Okay things: similar screen, same amount of RAM

Putting 2 GB of RAM in a 64-bit device is not OK. They did that in the Nexus 9 and it ran like a dog, an app in the background was a dead app.

The reason is twofold, 64-bit apps use more RAM due to larger pointers (a must) and often larger integers (out of convenience).

The second is that the device needs a second set of 32-bit user space libraries for backwards compatibility. When 64-bit and 32-bit apps run at once both sets of libs need to be loaded in RAM.

Negative things: no OIS (as above), no wireless charging (a deal breaker, for many).

I never used the wireless charging on my Nexus 4, connecting a USB cable is easy, why would i need it?

For my Nexus 5 I finally got a Qi charger out of curiosity and was blown away by the convenience. Just putting the phone down on the nightstand without having to fiddle with a cable was better than I could ever imagine.

Nowadays I have wireless chargers everywhere.I slap myself when I think back on the fact that I could have had it already on the N4.

Sadly, the lack of RAM and wireless charging are show-stoppers for me. I was really looking forward to upgrading my Nexus 5, it's an awesome phone and I was hoping for even more awesomeness from Google.


Submission + - Slashdot for Sale (again) 4

Defenestrar writes: DHI Group (formerly known as Dice Holdings) will auction off Slashdot and Sourceforge. The stated reason for the sale is that DHI has not successfully leveraged the Slashdot user base.

The future is uncertain, but at least it doesn't have Beta

Comment Re:it's not "slow and calculated torture" (Score 3, Insightful) 743


But it should be pointed out that EU membership did not require Greece to join the monetary union (EMU).

E.g. Sweden stayed out on purpose, and some eastern EU countries had to rocky economies to join in the first place, they are all getting the best of both worlds right now.


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