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Journal Journal: Verizon FIOS router config notes

I used to have a review here describing my experiences with getting Verizon FiOS. Specifically, I included the procedure that I used to renumber my LAN using the Actiontec router they provided.

Well, my original router died and I had to have Verizon send me a new one. I had a surprisingly good experience with Verizon tech support, by the way. Their automated voice prompt system was annoying but not much more annoying than a foreign call center drone reading from a script would be.

Anyway, with the new Actiontec router, I discovered that they now include a checksum in the configuration file, so you can't just dump, edit, and reload as I did previously.

Fortunately, other people who are smarter than I have had similar problems since I did this last time. Here is a much more straightforward way of doing this:

1) Login to your router
2) Choose "My Network" along top
3) Choose "Network Connections" along the side
4) Next the the line that reads "Network (Home/Office)", click on the edit button.
5) Click on the "Settings" button on the bottom
6) Change the following Fields:

IP Address: ->
Start IP Address ->
End IP Address ->

7) Click "Apply"
8) Ignore warning about no DNS servers assigned, and click apply again.
9) Since you just changed the ip address of the router, you will need to re-navigate to the new ip address (:/, and login again.

If anything goes awry, remember to use your reset button

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