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Comment Re:Opera is NOT sane. (Score 1) 766

What sort of use do you make of the Web where a webpage changes its content every minute?
90% of the Web pages I call up are not live. They are in fact what they say: pages. Not pages from the Daily Prophet but pages full stop.
I do not want them to change before my eyes. They contain everything I need on the first loading. When I switch back and forth between them I expect to see the same thing every time, not wait seconds while they reload the whole damn thing all over again.

That seems perfectly sane, normal, and desired to me.

Comment Re:Automation hits the white collar sector (Score 1) 69

Translation usually pays by the word, copy editing by the hour (this may not be the case in all language pairs).
In my experience, copy editing a document translated into English by an English mother tongue translator takes about 1/3 the time of translating from scratch.
Copy editing a Google translation or a non-EMT translation is as good as impossible if you don't have the original and painfully laborious even if you do. I refuse to do it, and believe me it takes two sentences at the very most to realize when the asker is trying to pull a fast one.

Comment Re:Automation hits the white collar sector (Score 1) 69

Translator No.2 here. Little do those companies know that they are wasting their money because the corrected translation will never be better than the Google version. Translators who are willing to copy edit (*) machine translated documents are those who aren't good enough to get real translating work.

* By calling it proof reading you are falling into their trap. Proof reading means looking for typos and other non-intellectual errors.

Comment Re:And to think they could have had it all (Score 2) 41

If B&N really want to compete, they need to get serious, and make a pledge to always ship the current version of Android on all of their hardware.

If they want to compete they need to find a market that is OK with 1024px screen resolution. Although to be fair, people who buy Amazon Fires probably don't know what that means.

Comment Re:Truly despicable (Score 1) 359

I don't mind, since I'm not trying to overthrow any government.

I do mind, and not just because I totally want to overthrow the government (as have a lot of other people over history, rightfully—and succeeded).

I might or might not be a Muslim. Though the chances are I'm not.

Comment Re:Test it with the following (Score 3, Informative) 88

A real professional, conscientious translator will make sure their translation is unambiguous, even if the original isn't. We don't have the right to practise GIGO.
So provided there were only conscientious professional translators in the chain, yes, they'd pass the test easily.
Having said that, I don't believe the bouncy translation method is a good yardstick at all. A good translation isn't judged on its repeatability.

Comment Re:Brazilians know that sound (Score 1) 111

Jesus wept. They aren't trying to invalidate the trademark in Brazil. They are simply pointing out that the sound might well be part of one country's pop culture, but here in Europe a ring-ring sound, whatever its pitch or interval, has been synonymous with telephone calls ever since Adam was a lad, so sorry Globo, you are at least sixty years too late.

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