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Comment Re:Dramatic contemporary issues (Score 1) 158

I'm going to say this: Enterprise is hands down the best Star Trek series of all, even betterthan (but only just) TOS.
The Next Generation was bad scripts, random plots, and bad actors (and yes I'm including Patrick Stewart). The two others that followed were quite simply jokes. The only decent characters between TOS and Enterprise were an android and a comedian.

Enterprise had a purpose, a back story, evolution, consistency, sustainable discovery, no creators' pets, treated race naturally instead of stuffing it in your face, gave the Vulcans balls, really did go where (and how) no man had gone before.

IMHO anyone who doesn't see all those glaringly obvious attributes comes across not only as a SCi-Fi ignoramus but completely asinine.

Comment Re:Opera is NOT sane. (Score 1) 766

What sort of use do you make of the Web where a webpage changes its content every minute?
90% of the Web pages I call up are not live. They are in fact what they say: pages. Not pages from the Daily Prophet but pages full stop.
I do not want them to change before my eyes. They contain everything I need on the first loading. When I switch back and forth between them I expect to see the same thing every time, not wait seconds while they reload the whole damn thing all over again.

That seems perfectly sane, normal, and desired to me.

Comment Re:Automation hits the white collar sector (Score 1) 69

Translation usually pays by the word, copy editing by the hour (this may not be the case in all language pairs).
In my experience, copy editing a document translated into English by an English mother tongue translator takes about 1/3 the time of translating from scratch.
Copy editing a Google translation or a non-EMT translation is as good as impossible if you don't have the original and painfully laborious even if you do. I refuse to do it, and believe me it takes two sentences at the very most to realize when the asker is trying to pull a fast one.

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