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Comment Re:Erm... who? (Score 1) 37

Oh come on now. I'm sure the AC knows plenty of tech names you don't in different fields of technology. Just because we're on Slashdot doesn't mean we're all 24/7 gear magazine readers.
Was it really too difficult to have a headline that read "Popular IT journalist Walt Mossberg is retiring", or was it supposed to be a test of geek eliteness?

Comment Re:Uber is banned in Italy? (Score 1) 215

I was thinking of launching an Uber type service for contract killing. Decentralized of course so it can't get banned.
You enter the mark's address and upload a photo of them; I send someone out to kill them.
I can't think what could possibly go wrong.

Comment Re: As long as it's just apostrophes... (Score 1) 158

Wow I wish the OP had also exhibited lousy reading skills and got modded +5.
Now I'm going to explain to those who can be arsed to read the post properly why a sign announcing "Ten items or less" (notice the word order?) is not wrong.

"Ten items or less" is not a sentence, therefore you are being asked to infer meaning from it. From that point on, the "less" refers to whatever you then infer. You might well think, when you spot the sign, "Ten items or less? Thats OK, my basketful is less."

A non-sentence cannot be a grammatically incorrect sentence.

Comment Re:It will never die... (Score 1) 140

Indeed. For instant communication I have this thing called a phone that doesn't require my permanent attention. Amazingly, I sometimes have to remind my clients of that.
For doing business, using anything else but e-mail is to all intents and purposes impossible.

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