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User Journal

Journal Journal: Karma-Whore Secrets Revealed

Liberal use of third grader giggle humor words such as pee-pee, wee-wee and poo-poo work magic on slash-dot moderators. One possible explanation as to why this works is that /. moderators are likely recruited from day care centers and kindergartens just after nap-time.

Be funny. I know thats an easy thing to say and much harder to do, but practice this and in about thirty years, you can be Karma-Whoring with the best of them.

Brevity, clarity and complete sentences is always

Pop culture references, such as Simpsons quotes, are always welcome posts. On-topic and appropriate quotes will cause /. moderators to wet (er, excuse me, wee-wee) themselves.

User Journal

Journal Journal: I got tired of seeing...

..."No Journal Entries" on my user page's a journal entry.

5:30 - Woke up.
8:30 - Went to work.
12:00 - Went to lunch.
6:00 - Went home.
7:00 - Rinsed. Waiting to repeat.

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