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Journal Journal: California Recall Election

Watched the gubernatorial debate last night. Does anyone else out there besides me wonder where these people came from? Three out of the five candidates are foreign born, the lone California native (Bustamante) is the type of smooth talking slimeball that I never could stand...McClintock comes across as honest, but he's got those slightly crossed eyes that make him look a little unbalanced. Arnold you could replace with a megaphone from Pete Wilson's office, plus I can't help thinking of Joerg
Haider every time he opens his mouth...(I guess thats called stereotyping) Camehyo (spelled wrong probably) is really out there...talking about democratizing pension plans. Not in this lifetime, Commie...
Huffington is a real Greek. I've actually seen people that look just like her on the Athens subway. There ought to be a law against people like that getting media access - her sole role in life seems to be to ensure that no Republican can get elected.

Wheres Tom Campbell when we need him!

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