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Journal Journal: I Hate NPR

It always reminds me of just how stupid the world really is.

I was listening the other day on my way home from work and they were talking about the latest stupid Democratic attempt at relevancy: contests to "sum up the party's platform".

In other words, "Hey guys, we don't know what the hell we're doing, so please come tell us!"

Don't get me wrong, I typically vote for more democrats than anything else, but they still disgust me. It's just that they disgust me less than republicans and I figure that being an empty-headed lout is better than being a corrupt hate-monger, since there's at least the chance that vacuum could be filled with something meaningful.

Anyway, as if the right-wing didn't want to be left behind by the stupid train, they had some evangelical black pastor on last night snapping away like the dolt he clearly was. Basically, he was saying that evangelical blacks have to be Republicans now instead of their traditional Democratic position because the Democrats support pro-choice laws rather than pro-life laws now.

Except, he wasn't saying it in relation to what you think he was. This wasn't about abortion, it was about homosexuality. In other words, "you have to be a republican because all the queers are democrats, and we hate the queers".


Basically, he was saying "it was so much easier when everyone hated gay people, because we didn't have to think about their rights at all, and we're desperately trying to cling to the party that wants to return us to those golden years".

I'll never understand how a party that built itself up on the image that it would just leave citizens the hell alone got to be such a spiteful little group of gay bashers.

I also don't really know why anybody bothers to vote anymore. Look at Bush. The guy ran on a platform of isolationism and small government. Under his watch, we've entered one war, started another, created a whole new federal department, and started spying on citizens, detaining them without rights, and prosecuting them in secret courts.

What? How is that small government in any sense of the word? That doesn't even begin to touch on his constantly record-setting deficit spending.

And I wasn't so enamored with John Kerry. Basically, I didn't really like many of his ideas, but I figured that at least he was significantly more intelligent than George Bush, and probably me too, and who am I to tell a guy who's smarter than me that his ideas on things I don't really understand are bad (bear in mind that when bashing Bush's ideas we're looking back at them as failures, not forward to them as unknowns)?

Don't even get me started on voting for congressmen, that's a whole other bag of retarded fun.

Yay for American politics, I guess.

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Journal Journal: Will the U.S. Attack Iran?

I have no faith in the President to be honest about his intentions, no faith in Congress to force honesty on him. I would not be surprised if the U.S. made such a foolhardy move.

My only hope, I suppose, is that this time the United States fully justifies its attack, and does not rely on deceit. The administration lied about Iraq, and it may well use the same tactic in Iran.

The problem in Iraq was not that there were not ample reasons to attack and overthrow Saddam. The problem was that the administration chose to do it using lies to gain support, rather than presenting to valid reasons.

I hope that the administration, when it makes a decision on Iran, assuming such a decision has not already been made, chooses to be honest this time.

Bush claims to be a man with the fear of God in him. If I were Mr. Bush, I would be afraid of what God is going to do to me as well.

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Journal Journal: An Important Fact

Nobody who ever mattered ever had a MySpace profile. Nobody who ever had a MySpace profile will ever matter.

That's why they had a MySpace profile, after all. They wanted to matter, but didn't.

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Journal Journal: Open Forum Tonight

Idiots post for free.

Tonight's topic is "democrats". They're sooooo cute when they take their first baby steps, especially when they think they're big boys just like their daddies :)

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Journal Journal: Slashtard Politics


Mainly when it annoys a particular person I'm not terribly enamored with because, frankly, I'm a jerk and I like to annoy annoying people.

If I could do the same with posts, I'd be able to have a lot more fun.


Journal Journal: Slashdot Can't Be Trolled, It's Too Stupid 3

I created this account just to resume trolling people, but the quality of the comments has gone so far downhill in the time I've been gone that I feel like posting trolls would actually mean posting comments so much smarter than the norm that I'd just be perceived as a genius of some sort among all these idiots.

Wow. Slashdot sure got dugg by digg, huh?

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