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Comment Re:Corrupt vs wild tweets (Score 3, Insightful) 488

That you don't find the things Trump has done unethical is a bit disturbing. I hope, for both our sake, that whoever is elected president doesn't screw things up so much that they can't be repaired in four years when, hopefully, a more sane candidate will be on the opposing side.

Comment Re:inb4 (Score 1) 254

If we're going to judge a site by a portion of it's users, what do we say about certain Slashdot users and their toxic posts?

As with any other site, 4chan has some problem posters, but it's also where I go to get ideas for the D&D campaign I run, where I discuss the TV shows I'm interested in, and where I get help with issues with my gaming computer. The vast majority of the site contains civil (though not always interesting) discourse. The biggest issue I run into is when someone asks repeatedly for the source of an image when it's listed in the filename or the bottom corner of the image I posted.

Comment Re:Subsidizing Businesses.... (Score 1) 445

If a person can't afford a smart phone, they're probably not taking a taxi or uber. They're taking a public transportation like I do for my daily commute to work.

While I appreciate your conviction for not purchasing a phone for privacy concerns, you have to understand you are a minority in this day and age, and a shrinking one at that. Not every private service will cater to you.

Submission + - 10 Year-Old Teaches Hackers a Valuable Lesson In Privacy (csoonline.com)

itwbennett writes: At r00tz Asylum, a kids-only gathering at DEF CON, 10-year-old Evan Robertson presented his first-place winning school science fair project, which showed how quickly people will hand over their privacy for a little free Wi-Fi. Robertson set up a Wi-Fi hotspot with terms-of-service that would allow him to access or modify connecting devices 'in any way.' In his science fair experiment, 76 people at local malls and stores connected to his hotspot, and 40 of them (52%) accepted the TOS to gain access. And, proving that security pros aren't all quite as privacy-minded as you might expect them to be, Robertson later set up his hotspot at BSides San Antonio, where 41 people connected to his hotspot, and 20 of them accepted the TOS.

Comment Re:Pot calling kettle. Come in kettle! (Score 1) 260

Sounds like a good idea, but it will not net you the change you want. All this would result in is a disclaimer at the bottom of the trailer informing viewers that the trailer is not based on the final product. That disclaimer would just as easily make things worse because it would give advertisers more leeway to put things in their trailer that aren't in the movie.

To use the same car analogy, in most car commercials, there is a disclaimer at the bottom explaining that the features they're talking about are only available in the super special addition which costs significantly more and not in the car available for the "starting price" on the screen.

Comment Re: Thats a ruling to keep the lawyers happy... (Score 1) 263

Sure. Except in this case they weren't married.

From the featured article:

If someone maintains that their ex-partner was willing for the photos to be used after the end of the relationship, that consent would still have to be proven, according to the new ruling, Ms Weber argued.

Comment Re:Education... (Score 4, Informative) 276

Three reasons were called out in the article:

John Moody and his family moved from the islands to Springdale creating an existing community of Marshalese in the US
There's a Marshalese consulate in Springdale
There's an existing agreement that lets the Marshalese people live and work in the US

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