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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Google Has Language Translators! 1

The almighty Google began by giving image searches, then newsgroup searches. Now they have Language Translation support! Looks like google is out to sink the fish. If you can link directly to a google translated site, the fish would be rendered useless...

On a side note, my interview suggestion that became score:5 in a few minutes keeps getting moderator slapped (like it gets hit by 2 -1 moderations within 10 seconds, then wait an hour and 2 more within 10 seconds). Those juvenile authors....
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Google Has Language Translators!

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  • I checked on that link you posted, and have to agree - you either pissed a group of people off with mod points or it is author abuse.

    I don't have anything against jamie - in fact he had helped me out when a certain group of people had attempted to attack me (3 of them, lost 15 karma... ooohhhhh noooo) with his mod powers - he mod slapped them and marked some of my comments as underrated.

    I think the biggest thing to look out for is under/over rated moderations - as they don't have any relevence in M2 so I'm guessing the authors use those and can still say (with direct honesty) that the vast majority of M2 agrees with them. I don't really care much, slashdot politics is just pointless arguing on the internet []

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