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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Jon Katz... 2

Jon Jon Jon...

His new article just proves that he isn't ready for primetime techie journalism.
I would just like an author (Taco or Hemos, preferably) to just explain why they still let him write. He doesn't have anything to write that has anything to do with "news for nerds", and the majority of the /. audience doesn't like him (more points on my fav AC comment, link below).

At least on his latest failure, I was able to point to my favorite AC comment.
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Jon Katz...

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  • Yeah, I was the one who wrote that AC comment.
    I was going to do it logged in, but was afraid of loosing karma (yeah, I know. I musta been tired or something).

    I won't tell if you won't tell...
  • Why do so many people hate JonKatz? If you don't like him, just turn him off. Personally, I really like his movie reviews. I also like a few of his other articles, although most of them are rather strange; it's like he took an idea and mashed it to fit the "nerd" category until it was completely unrecognizable. I think /. has become not only a nerd site, but also a libertarian site. Perhaps there should be a seperate politics section for this sort of thing. If /. would broaden its focus a little, I could get all my news here instead of also having to look at 'non-nerdy' sites. Maybe just letting people moderate aricles would do it. They could even write their own articles. I will stop typing now because I have gone into an exhaustion induced trance.

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