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Journal Journal: Hey Symbolset - I cleary lost our bet... 1

Hey Symbolset :)

I clearly lost our bet. This is my public mea culpa.

The bet was that they would be late - not in time for this years holiday buying season. Its my understanding they were on track to ship on-time but canceled is just as bet loosing as being late.

Beers and burgers on me - usual place...




Journal Journal: Hubble Repair Misson - Amazing!

The converge from NASA on the current shuttle mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope has been just amazing. The photographs and videos are excellent.

What impresses me most though are the live audio and video feeds from the space walks. Watching the astronauts work on the Hubble form the comfort of my home is just incredible.

While all this is great, what Im even more pleased about is that NASA has spent the money, time effort and energy to build a good web site and provide high quality and timely content

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