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Submission + - Helium leads to geothermal energy resources

Roland Piquepaille writes: "When we think about alternative sources of energy, we often forget the potential of geothermal energy resources. In fact, it has been estimated that accessible geothermal energy in the U.S. represents 90 quadrillion kilowatt-hours or 3,000 times the country's total annual energy consumption. So far, it has been difficult and expensive to locate good sources of geothermal energy. But now, two U.S. researchers have found a new method which doesn't require drilling. They are using the ratio of helium isotopes in surface waters to point to the best sources of geothermal energy. But read more for additional references and a picture showing how sampling surface water can lead to new sources of geothermal energy."

Submission + - Decline In Pet Ownership Because Of Videogames

Gerard Fuller writes: "A new study by the Australian Veterinary Association claims that children are increasingly choosing computer games over pets, and that this is a major factor in the decline of pet ownership.

But can't pet simulators offer all the good lessons of owning a pet (caring for an animal, discipline) without the drawbacks (poo on the sofa, barking and howling at 3am)?

Fortunately the study also identifies the trend toward medium-density living as a major factor in the findings. See, games aren't all bad."

Submission + - Microsoft To Charge PC Gaming

News for nerds writes: "During a press event prior to the Game Developers Conference Microsoft revealed to Game Informer Online the exact pricing structure for the Live For Windows online PC gaming service. Just like with the Xbox 360 there will be a free Silver package as well as a Gold package which retails for $49.99 for a year subscription, $7.99 for one month, and $19.99 for three months."

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