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Journal Journal: The death of 1

(14:17:29) Trollaxor: i emailed you.
(14:17:33) Frank L Arners: hey
(14:17:34) Frank L Arners: ok
(14:17:36) Trollaxor: host had a new customer and needed our resources.
(14:17:40) Trollaxor: they paid. i didn't.
(14:17:43) Frank L Arners: damn
(14:17:50) Trollaxor: but he'll probly still let me have a static presence.
(14:18:04) Trollaxor: scoop is RIP for now. any scoop host will charge.
(14:18:13) Trollaxor: so in about two weeks i'll have my home page up.
(14:18:14) Frank L Arners: cool
(14:18:20) Trollaxor: i wish there was an alternative.
(14:18:30) Trollaxor: but w/o a job now, i can worry little abou tit.
(14:18:47) Frank L Arners: oh well
(14:19:00) Frank L Arners: eggtroll has plans for a weblog
(14:19:12) Frank L Arners: maybe that'll take t.c's place
(14:19:28) Frank L Arners: we're in slashnet #trolls for the time being
(14:19:42) Trollaxor: yeah. i just read eggy's comment.
(14:20:03) Trollaxor: if i get a job at TW, i'll get free IP addies and such so i'll just serve from home :)
(14:21:42) Trollaxor: i think i am going to drop out of the scene altogether for a few weeks while i work things out. and if/when i come back i don't know what capacity it'll be in. homepage? site? nothing? back to /.?
(14:21:55) Trollaxor: that's the official word. so if you would, spread it.
(14:22:06) Frank L Arners: you still have your /. journal, of course
(14:22:17) Trollaxor: yeah. old stuff. nothing on there new.
(14:22:33) Frank L Arners: that's what i'm saying, post the new stuff to your journal
(14:23:33) Frank L Arners: i'll post this log to my /. journal, with your permission
(14:24:58) Trollaxor: I think i might use this unexpected interlude to rm -f trollaxor.
(14:26:50) Trollaxor: i'm on a ibrary computer with browser access only. hence AIM express.
(14:26:57) Frank L Arners: ok
(14:26:59) Trollaxor: i am going to go war driving soon...
(14:27:08) Trollaxor: if i can get to it, i'll grab what i can.
(14:27:24) Frank L Arners: i couldn't ssh in as joe when they took the site down
(14:27:24) Trollaxor: the host hasn't emaied me ack about what he backed up or what not when he took the site down.
(14:28:06) Trollaxor: what he probly did was tar all the home dirs and backed them up to CD, then snuffed our virtual host out of existance.
(14:28:22) Frank L Arners: yeah
(14:34:02) Trollaxor: i own the domain for 4 years. something will happen in the future. but for now, the franchise is reduced to static library. that's thelast part of the official word.
(14:34:07) Trollaxor: i gotta get soon. lib's closing.
(14:34:13) Frank L Arners: ok
(14:34:19) Frank L Arners: good luck in your future exploits
(14:36:10) Trollaxor: thanks i'll be in touch irregularly.

Note to those of you who frequented's IRC network, operations are moved to #trolls on SlashNET for the time being.

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