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Journal Journal: New PGP key

New PGP key - the old one expired on 2006/01/26.

PGP Key: B6377BEC
Fingerprint: 2FCE 9C3F 2ED1 5235 FCA0 C82B 10CE DFAE B637 7BEC

You can grab the .asc file from http://elysion.pl/brad/0xB6377BEC.asc

The .asc file contains the full public key. Or you can download it from a keyserver using the PGP key information and use the Fingerprint to verify you have the right key.

User Journal

Journal Journal: PGP Key/FP

PGP Key: BAA7260D and Fingerprint: 3F87 632E 2513 06E3 D7EE 1C94 ACAD 1187 BAA7 260D


Journal Journal: Nothing in particular

You know, I don't need yet another place to plop down my half assed, halfway thought through thoughts. That's what my web site is for. So this is going to be the one and only entry unless I get really fired up about biodiesel or wireless networks or geocaching or something like that.

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