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Journal Journal: Women

I have tackled physics, biology, philosophy, literature, and computers. All very complex, yet not nearly as perplexing as the opposite sex. I freely admit in the anominity of this forum that I have at this time never had a romantic relationship with a woman and all the conclusions that it implies (except I am not gay). I found the courtship process intimidating at times, impossible, improbable, and downright confusing. I could never figure out what women want. Therefore, I don't know even to this day what I can offer or what I should develop in myself. I exercise, swim, cook, and read. I am good with kids. I am getting a Masters degree and may persue a medical degree. I will learn to ride a motorcylce, to dance salsa, and to speak spanish. I have earning potential, am in good physical shape, and I am not lazy. Yet, despite these qualities, I can't seem to generate any interest from women. A friend of mine said that I have simply do not have "game". Ok, but what is this "game" and how may I get it?

I shall cite some expamples to further illustrate my dilema. My brother is a bartender at low-class yet popular bar. My brother does not share my problem in any respect. There are these pretty girls that come in regularly simply because my brother is there. My brother introduce me to them and I had did my best to joke, to socialize, to have fun, and in general, to flirt my ass off. Yet, though they have treated me kindly, I could sense that my brother and his fellow bartenders had their interests. My brother already has 2 kids (with two different women), no college education, and is in slightly worse shape than I. He is the better man? Another example happen yesterday, I was on the ski machine busting out another 50 minutes of cardio. I had my copy of "Hitchiker's Guide..." reading it trying to focus on it and my routine. A pretty women got on the machine next to me. I had notice her checking me ( or so I thought) out as I was lifting weights earlier. Considering that there were other open machines far from me, I figure this was one of those little "signs" women give. I casually turn off my iPod and close the book while appearing to take interest in the TV. I did these things with time in between so that when I talk to her it would seem natural and not like a come on. I struck up a casual conversation with no sexual overtones or anything offensive. I even manage to complement her that seem to go over well. Yet, in the middle of the conversation, I realize that I was the only one keeping the conversation going. I don't believe she was really interested in the first place. As you see, I can't seem to be what women want. I have have even far greater stories of failure that I won't go into. I will not give up but this the gretest physical and mental challenge I have ever undertook. I know many slashdotter has had similar problems. What have you done to get women interested?

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Journal Journal: growth

Hello, I am on a quest for growth. I have embarked on this quest not too long ago. The reason I desire growth is stress. Yes, STRESS, the beneficial bane of our existence. Stress of not having many friends, stress of not having a girlfriend, and the stress of earning a living. In the past, I resigned myself to let the universe decide my destiny without much resistance on my part. But that didn't work out too well, the universe is not very fond of me or is just indifferent to the issue. I was probably naively following the words of fool who just had better luck than I. In any rate, I need to grow. How am I going to grow? First and foremost is I am going to turn off the TV. There is little point in comparing myself to the fictious characters dreamt by someone who has never walked a day in my shoes. Moreover, I don't think "natural male enhancement" is not going to help. Second, I going to do things I always thought would impossible for me to do. I am going to learn to ride a motorcycle, learn spanish, learn to dance, and maybe-just maybe- I will approach a girl. The worst that can happen to me is failure, but in the end I might see how worthwhile I really am and also how life is. What are your thoughts on growth and what will you try?

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