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Journal Journal: Back and forth

Back to full time permanent again, ho hum. Better pay, worse hours, worse travel time (I really don't like trains...). On the plus side, working for a company that sells and rents lots of technical equipment means I now have a very nice triple-monitor setup and access to lots of nice toys! Swings and roundabouts really :-)
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Journal Journal: Contracting Fun

First journal entry... Doing some contracting work for the first time, after many years in full time salaried employment. It's makes for an interesting change. Generally more enjoyable so far, more freedom in basically being your own boss, and nice to be able to decide that you're going to work an extra 4-5 hours for the day and actually get a bigger pay packet as a result. Of course that can work the other way too -- got in to work the other day to find I was only able to code for a couple of hours before running into a block which someone else had to clear up, so I earned a lot less for that day. On balance, I think the money probably works out about the same. All in all, I think I prefer contracting. Always the added advantage of shifting to another contract if the current one doesn't suit, though unfortunately the IT market these days doesn't offer quite so many choices. Ah well, that's enough for this journal entry! Not like it'll get read anyway, even by me! Hehe.

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