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Submission + - Study: Digital Movies in Danger of Extinction ( 1

Lucas123 writes: "According to a study by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, movies shot on digital cameras cost $12,510 per year to archive, compared with $1,059 for traditional celluloid film. And, and source materials, the outakes and audio that are used to create special edition releases of movies, cost 429 times more to store, or $208,500 per year for digital materials vs. $486 for film. More crucial is the lack of any standards that would make viewing and reediting today's digital films backward compatibile with future technologies so that, in 100+ years, films made today could still be used for creating special releases then."

Submission + - New York Taxi Drivers Will Strike if GPS installed (

wooferhound writes: " ers_threaten_two-day_strike_999.html New York's taxi drivers on Thursday said they would mount a two-day strike in early September if authorities did not scrap plans to introduce satellite positioning systems in the city's yellow cabs. "We are ready to go on strike on September 5 and September 6," Bhairavi Desai, executive director of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, which represents some 8,400 of New York's 26,000 cabbies, told AFP."
The Courts

Submission + - RIAA Steps on Attack on Multiple Sclerosis Mom

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA has stepped up its attack on a Queens, New York, mother who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, and who never even heard of file sharing, in Elektra v. Schwartz, a Brooklyn federal court case in which a Guardian Ad Litem had been appointed to protect the interests of the defendant. The RIAA is now seeking to go ahead with discovery of defendant's hard drive with a "John Doe" proceeding. This is the same case in which the RIAA had written a letter to the Judge mischaracterizing the contents of a letter it had received from AOL."

Submission + - TweakVista Released

Spencer writes: TweakVista allows users to modify many hard to access or hidden system settings to increase the performance of Windows Vista. The program was designed for both casual and power users to easily, and safely use it without fear of causing damage as the changes are easily reversible. For the "greener" users, TweakVista includes a new Carbon Footprint feature which shows both the carbon footprint and estimated running costs of your PC. TweakVista also uses the powerful Vista assessment features to give users a thorough benchmark of their systems. 79
Portables (Games)

The Nintendo DS Games Wishlist 96

The site Retrogaming with Racketboy has up a wishlist of sorts, calling out the classic titles begging to be released to the Nintendo DS. Along with the Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World cart that I've been wanting to see for a while now, Racketboy calls out Super Metroid, the Sega Genesis Collection, and the Namco Museum as great candidates for DS releases. He also asks for new titles, like a compilation of Wario titles and a NSMB-style remake of Super Mario Bros. 2. "MattG PressTheButtons also had a really great idea for an original DS game that would serve as a follow-up to the very popular New Super Mario Bros. But instead of continuing with the traditional Mario gameplay, Nintendo would go back to the Super Mario Bros 2. (Doki Doki Panic) action, complete with turnip-throwing goodness. Would it be quite as successful? Possibly not. But I think Nintendo is currently in the position to take some fun risks with some trademark franchises that could give the gaming community something new to talk about."

Submission + - California fined $1.2 billion for network fiasco

coondoggie writes: "How is it possible that a state that includes Silicon Valley and so many high-tech centers you can hardly drive a few miles with out hitting one live with this: California paid $1.2 billion in federal penalties over the past ten years because it couldn't create a statewide computer network to track and collect court-ordered child support payments. Published reports say the penalties are really just the tip of the iceberg since one failed system cost the state $111 million and four other failed computer projects have cost the state about $500 million. The story isn't all about fines either mind you. The failed network projects means many children of low-income families likely went hungry without state aid. 2"

Is Interoperable DRM Really Less Secure? 189

Crouch and hold writes "Are closed DRM schemes like FairPlay more secure than interoperable ones? Based on the number of cracks, it doesn't look like it. 'When it comes to DRM, what history actually teaches us is that one approach is no more secure than the other in practice, as they relate to the keeping of secrets. Windows Media DRM has had fewer security breaches than Apple's FairPlay, yet WM DRM is licensed out the wazoo: there are more than a dozen companies with WM DRM licenses.'"

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