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Journal Journal: Tedium in MMOGs

After reaching level 60 in WoW and finishing up some trailing quests I was all ready to experience the joy of high level content. I was a tad disappointed. There are mainly 5 dungeons you can experience in either a raid or 5 man party mode.

Obviously the raids are faster due to having more people but still take a good 2-4 hour chunk from organization to hearthing out of the instance. Having only a 5 man party ups the difficulty and time requirement substancially. Thus both of these options are pretty much out for me except on weekends.

If it were that simple I'd have nothing to complain about. However in their infinite wisdom (yes I'm being sarcastic) Blizzard decided to force you to repeat these dungeons over and over for the chance that a) your class specific set piece would drop and b) you would actually win the roll or have the DKP to claim the piece. One druid in our guild who has his complete set said he did over 120 runs on the dungeons in total.

It's not really a surprise that they put in Diablo 2 loot mechanics (boss runs) into WoW, however a D2 boss run takes about 10 minutes and can normally be a solo endeavor. These hour long random boss runs for the mere chance of improving your equipment or financial status is pure folly.

I'm knowledgable enough to realize that in order to make money an MMORPG must build tedium, not adventure into their games. The proverbial "carrot on a stick" is not in the content but in the time required to land a particular item. I don't remember being bored in most single player games I've played, yet every MMORPG I've played ends up requiring more and more time while becoming less and less of a game.

I'm tired of working 8-12 hours a day then coming home to work on and sludge through what is supposed to be an entertaining medium.

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Journal Journal: Gmail

I've been using Gmail for a couple months now, and only recently I was gifted with 6 invites. So I asked my boyfriend if he wanted one, and he seemed apathetic about it. He does already have several free e-mail accounts so I guess it makes sense he doesn't want to add to the pile.

Then I asked two of my old DAoC buddies who I keep in touch with over AIM. Both of them didn't know what Gmail was and didn't really want an account after I explained the service. I then queried a friend from Los Angeles, California. He knew what Gmail was, but said it gave him the "creeps". I didn't pursue the issue.

I could try my brothers, but both of them have computer aptitudes of the proverbial "Joe Sixpack" and have not ventured further from the AOL end of the Internet pool. Thus I've decided to try and give away my invites to random folk, since it's plainly obvious I am the most entrenched in geekdom of my tiny circle of friends and relations.

If by some startling amount of boredom you managed to read my journal and are honestly in need of a Gmail invite, please comment with your e-mail address and I may give you one.

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Journal Journal: Website blahs

I don't really understand why HTML and CSS has to be so complex. No, I'm not talking about learning it (that's pretty easy for the basics) it's just the standards seem so complicated. I bought a domain and hosting just to play around with PHP and MYSQL without having to have it on my gaming rig or build another pc.

It's taken me forever to get anything up on it, not only because I am picky and new to PHP, but also because I could never figure out if I should use tables or CSS for the layout. Stupid, but that's the honest truth. I wrote the site both ways, but then keep reading conflicting reports on CSS and how it's not fully supported, some browers do some don't, etc. And now there's XHTML and CSS2! Arf.

Finally I decided to go with CSS. Now all I have to do is dream up some content...

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