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Journal Journal: Sumthin' 'Bout ElbowGeek...

Just a bit about me for anyone who's interested, and to give you all an idea of where my brain is at when I post. My real name is Dennis (I actually detest the culture of hiding behind screen names, but that's another column for another day), and I'm a computer consultant by trade. I'm actually not a terribly knowledgable computer geek; I have very little understanding of the internal workings of the various server technologies, and have a heck of a time struggling to come to grips with networking protocols. But I do understand the basic concepts behind a lot of it, enough to BS my way through most situations *grin*. That said, I do like to comment on computer industry news, such as the the Windows Vista launch, the rise of Linux, etc. Hmm, my lack of deep tech knowledge and unquenchable urge to spout my own ingnorant views... hell, I'm the second coming of John Dvorak! (I hope he's not reading this: I actually have a lot of respect for him and find him a very good public speaker). Otherwise I'm a musician and have played professionally for over twelve years, have started teaching at a local music school, which frankly suits me far better than all this computer stuff. Lastly, I also tend to believe that not all technological steps forward are necessarily without their proverbial two steps back. For instance audio recording reached it's peak of quality around the late 1950's; the technology which came after that made the recording process more efficient and convenient for the engineer, but the sound quality has never been bettered. I'll drivel on about that another day, but I want to put to bed my first journal entry. Thanks to anyone who reads this. Cheers

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