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Comment Ps Pro only games (Score 1) 71

They say they don't want Ps Pro only games but ultimately if the Pro takes off they don't have a choice.

I'm sure a dev could have their game "run" on a PS4 Vanilla. In 480P. With wireframe graphics. At 15fps.

It won't go quite that far simply because there isn't that kind of difference between the two machines but running on a Ps4 and "Running in a way that you'd actually want to play the damn thing" are two very different concepts.

Comment Re:Was it EA..... (Score 1) 386

Yep, I saw the original story saying that, I stopped reading about the game. I mess about with their iOS Simpsons game and I get connection failures way too often to deal with a game that will only let me play when I can see their failservers.

Worse of course, this is EA, they retire online services for games as soon as a year after it comes out. In this case, that means "retiring" the entire game.

Comment Re:If there was a Bad at Math Map... (Score 1) 1163

"The point is, Obama does not have a strong mandate and would do well to incorporate some of the moderate and conservative fiscal ideas into his policies going forward."

Well he has of course, by the standards of virtually the entire rest of the world, Obama is, at the absolute best, centre right. He's more right wing than virtually every world leader.

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