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PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: Rockstar releases GTA2 for free

A new story, is it going to be rejected? Don't know...

Rockstar has updated Grand Theft Auto 2 to run on modern computers, and released it for free to the public. It's a 353Mb download, this is the complete game as released in 1998. Windows-only unfortunately, but still, a great classic for those who have paid the Microsoft tax.

Update: ph34r my l33t /. sk1ll5, story is accepted.

Update: Now I've noticed this, dupe! I'll try to notify /. admins... Sorry all for this :(

Update: Ehm, how am I supposed to notify Zonk (who seems to be the editor accepting stories right now), if I can't find an email any where on the user page? Shouldn't Zonk have an easy-to-find email being a /. editor?

Operating Systems

Journal Journal: Gentoo 2004.3 released

Gentoo has released 2004.3 for x86, amd64, hppa, ppc, sparc, and an initial release for ppc64. You can read the information page, the changelog, or go straight to the mirrors, or better yet, the torrents.

submitted, I really doubt I'll make it this time, I put the whole thing together in 2 minute, most likely another Gentoo dev or user on the mailing list submitted something much better.

Update: Accepted.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: HL2 submitted to VU

Submitted this to /. , let's see how long before it's rejected.

After years of rumors, leaks, and delays, Neowin reports that Valve's director of marketing, Doug Lombardi, confirmed to GameSpot today that the release candidate for the Half-Life 2 has been sent to VU Games, the game's publisher, for approval. "Yes, the release candidate went to VUG yesterday," he said.

First words on the submission came from Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, "The RC went to VU yesterday," read Newell's one-line post on the hl2fallout.com forums.

Update: It's accepted, I can't believe my eyes! My life is now complete :)

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