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Comment Re:Why are we still talking about this guy? (Score 2, Insightful) 63

we're still talking about this guy because he fought to release the collective human knowledge which was locked away by by academic bureaucracy and held for ransom to keep a system alive which rewarded those with money and stifled human innovation through exclusivity of said knowledge. His story will go down in the history books, not as a thief who broke into restricted areas and released restricted content, but as the crusader for freedom of human knowledge that he was.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 533

youtube has known speeedbumps in place thanks to your ISP.

I get 50/10 cable Internet and sometimes It feels slow to me.I can support 5 vudu HDX streams at once and have done 3 before with no buffering.

10Mbps is unbearably slow for modern Internet. I am a consumer. I buy and rent movies from Vudu, M-GO, AmazonVOD, netflix, youtube. I play games from Steam and Origin. It's worth the price to get 50Mbps if it's available. Especially when you have 3 streaming TVs, 4 computers, and 4 phones/tablets.

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