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Journal Journal: Jamaica, 2005

Ok kids... twas my brother's wedding back at the end of January, and this might be some kind of hint, for something or other.

That's all I gotta say for now, except the airport customs at Montego Bay took three hours to get through, damn bags, freakin' heavy. Anybody been to Jamaica, Montego Bay? Particularly the airport? Even more particularly customs check in area? Waaaayyyyy too much luggage for seven days, ooh well.

Long story short, it was a good time, my brother got hitched, went deep sea fishing, took a lot of pictures, saw a lot of tittie :) oh, and the ladies, let me tell you something, the ladies were butter in me hands... no doubt about it heh.
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Journal Journal: Om Festival 2004 (

Wow. All I gotta say is wow.

Went to the Summer Solstice this year, it was moved from near Bancroft, ON to just outside Walkerton, ON (just west of County 19, on Concession 14 - near the Saugeen River) and it was the most amazing thing I have ever been too. Well, that is - from what I can remember.

Thousands of cars parked in the first field, rolling fields of tents and sound stages, the bush with carved out pathways and a couple more stages, the river, naked chicks, it was awesome. The whole place was a giant drug filled love in. New age hippie styles (with some old age hippies as well). Communal kitchen, people everywhere, there must have been 4 or 5 thousand people. People from the States, from Alberta and Manitoba, BC, people from Nova Scotia - just crazy!

Anyways, it's near impossible to explain, the music just rocked - hard ass dark beats at my favorite stage hosted by the blacklight activists, wicked show guys and gals!

Oh yeah, and if yer into punk rock, checkout - it's the band of one of our neighbor's from the weekend. Anyhow, make it out next year - that is my recommendation to everyone. Hope to see you all there!
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Journal Journal: May two-four: I survived, where the hell is my tshirt?

Sweet Baby-Jesus!

Went camping this weekend, was gonna ride up, but then the rain forecast kinda stopped that idea dead in it's tracks. So I drove, up, good thing too!

Rained all fricken weekend. It was tolerable and quite fun cause' it made everyone actually stick together and socialize. Well, we had tarp city (can't wait for the pictures to get developed), and the whole place was a mud bog. Had to go out and buy rainboots cause the mud, oh my god, the mud. The lakes of thick mud, everywhere.

Well, my tent stayed dry inside until Sunday night. All the hard rain had been short lived in 30 minute spurts with not much wind or volume - until Sunday. The hard hitting storms actually hit and dumped volumes of rain for literally HOURS! One it around 3-5, then 8-10, then dry as a bone, then 2:30am. Damn, that one was the kicker. It dumped, and dumped, and dumped, my tent became a fricken river, which up to this point had somehow survived dry inside, and I thought the thing was gonna take flight. Grabbed all my shit and ran to the car, slept there, only to wake up and the tent was fine, with the exception of a lake of water where I had once been sleeping.

Well, seems Sunday night a couple tornadoes hit just south of us (about a hundred km, that ain't much), one an F1 and the other an F3, crazy.

Well, it was a great time, until the lake, oh well. Packed up at 6:30am this morn when we got a bit of sun. Packed up by 8:00am and then it was starting to get ugly looking. Well, we polished off all the food on the bbq, filled an entire picnic table full of empties again, it was good.

All I can say is, Where's my fricken tshirt?
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Journal Journal: WTF is "Overrated?"

What the fuck is this "Overrated" moderation?

Seriously, for the assmunch who modded me "-1 Overrated" for this comment you can lick my balls. And this time, I do mean it! Seriously though kids, I'm not whining, I have good karma, but the immaturity of some, geez, I've actually experienced moderators with some kind of political axe to grind instead of just reading it on the screen!

I guess the problem is that I am bored and have nothing better to write and feel like getting on some kind of rightous rant.

It was an actual response to an actual question, and you have the gall to mod me down? Ohhhhhh, I can't wait till someone Meta-Moderates your ass into oblivion. Just 'cause you are likely someone who sympathises with the ignorant blatherings of the original poster and can't face the truth of my posting I'll let you off easy and not lay the smack down. Seriously though, WTF? You're just too scared to mark it "troll" or "flamebait" (because obviously it wasn't), or even "Offtopic" and get your ass meta-modded into further oblivion, you chose the "safe route" to mod down a truth.

Well anyhoo - I hope somebody does the right thing and meta-mod your ass down. That's what the system is for, and that's what I do when I see assballs like you doing something like that to someone else. Seriously, to drop me from a "+1" to a "0"? C'mon!

From the Slashdot FAQ:
Overrated -- Sometimes you'll run into a comment which for whatever reason has been moderated out of proportion -- this probably means several moderators saw it at nearly the same time, thought it was Funny, Insightful etc, and their scores added together exaggerate its relative merit. (A knock-knock joke at +5, Funny) Such a comment is Overrated. It's not knocking the original poster to say so, but it's probably better to spend your mod points on comments which are deserving of being moderated up.
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Journal Journal: A new PC and random passing out....

Holy Crap!

Just got my new work notebook on Friday, this think is much faster than either of my three home machines (actually, it *is* faster than all three combined)...

Anyways, it's an IBM P4-1.9 A31, 15" tft and dvd drive. Must say, I've been meaning to play Grand Theft Auto 3 now for way too long. OMIGOSH I can play games now. It's also got 802.11b, my neighbor has an insecure network, so insecure in fact that I logged into his wireless router (I love *linksys* default passwords) and played around. Next step - see if I can determine a way to access his desktops!!!! I got IP's and netbios names, wish I had a wireless sniffer :-)

On another note, for the second time in a little over a year, I passed out randomly. This time - last night at a party, I was just standing up, then next thing I know I'm laying on someone's bed (which is only a matter of seconds later). Passed out and beaned my head off the floor, and started snoring immediately. Nice. Well this time it wasn't while taking a piss and cracking a couple ribs. I wasn't even drunk, I had like nine beers over the course of eight hours or so, I wasn't even tipsy, or slurring, or anything, it was just so *random*.

Well, I then proceeded to head over to the Shoppers Drug Mart this morning - my blood pressure is up, great. Must be the stress in my life right now. Oh well, I think this is my wake up call to start taking better care of my body, doc told me to take it easy last time, and I am not even going to tell him about it this time - he'll just tell me more of the same.

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