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The Media

Journal Journal: Fox more Anti-American Than the BBC!

Remember the spat over Fox News accusing the BBC of anti-american bias? (a video of the article is here)

Well, the UK media watchdog OFCOM has has criticised US cable channel Fox News over views a presenter expressed about the BBC.

In the article, Fox replied saying - The network also said searching for the phrase "BBC anti-American" into the Google internet search engine (they neglect to mention that the phrase is entered without quotes) resulted in 47,200 hits.

Excellent, now we can quanitify how many people think the BBC is anti american!. In a spirit of adventure I decided to try the phrase "Fox anti-American" (again without the quotes) and got 52,700 results! Fox is obviously more anti-american than the bbc!

Except, of course, that the results of that query are *complete* bollocks. Just searching for the two words on a page does not mean anything AT ALL except that the issue has been discussed at lot of times.

I think this says a lot more about Fox's level of intelligence than anthing else I have seen. Fox is either
a) Stupid as the finalists of the Village Idiot of The Year show- or
b) a news network for viewers without thinking skills - and they know it - or
c) Trying to get out of a hole they were put in by one man's opinion peice

Don't turn this into a discussion on whether or not the BBC is anti american thats not the point. It's a comment on a a company using a niave/evil way of justifying its position.

Could a search engine ever return a meaningful result for the question 'is the BBC anti-american?'. I suppose this is the difference between data and knowledge.

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