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Journal Journal: Links, URLS, websites, the list goes on.

If you're reading this, congratulations. Now here's the issue: i need help posting links. A link could make a post hilarious while a lack of links could make it unhilarious. You see my dilemma. Please help.
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Journal Journal: Recognition

Every human being craves it. That's really why I came to this site. I want the +5's in my name, because of something witty or creative I said. I want people to know my name and recognize my talents. Do I really have any? No, not really. But I can fake it well enough.
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Journal Journal: Karma 2

I have no clue how this system works. I want to mod other people's entries, and I also want to understand why I've got bad karma. Perhaps there's an FAQ somewhere that will explain the system simply... nah, having one on this site, say to the left, is impossible!
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Journal Journal: Newb 1

Why would I sign up for an account... The answer is simple, really. I was tired of thinking "+5 insightful? I could write that" and thought about doing it. *I* want to be modded +5 something or other, and this is my opportunity. Shallow? For sure. Satisfying? Of course.

This could be interesting.

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