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Journal Journal: history

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:
This was a Peace treaty between the United States and Mexico that ended the Mexican War in 1848. It confirmed U.S. claims to Texas and set its boundary at the Rio Grande. Mexico also agreed to cede to the United States California and New Mexico (which included present-day California, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming) in exchange for $15 million and assumption by the United States of claims against Mexico by U.S. citizens. Ultimetly, the United Sates got bigger.

Commonwealth vs. Hunt:
Chief Justice Lemuel Shaw of the Massachusetts Supreme Court held that it was not inherently illegal for workers to organize a union or try to compel recognition of that union by means of a strike. Less then 1 percent of the work force belonged to a labor union during the 1840s so thus the impact of the unions and the ruling was limited for a while.

Manifest Destiny:
This term expressed the belief that it was the Americans' providential mission to expand their civilization and institutions across the breadth of North America. This expansion would involve not just territorial aggrandizement but the progress of liberty and individual economic opportunity as well. Many Americans trying to secure Mexican territory, California, and the Oregon territory used this term. Essentially, it was the rallying cry for Americans determined for America to get more land.

Wilmot Proviso:
This was a free-soil measure proposed in 1846 by a northern Democracy. The proviso had insisted that Congress bar slavery in the territory ceded by Mexico form the Mexican war. Thus, much of the western states became free state.

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Journal Journal: Bordeaux


Localisation/Géographie/Topographie/Climat: Bordeaux est dans le Sud-ouest de laFrance. Il se trouve à 100km (62mi) de l'Océan Atlantique, au plus bas point qui traverse le fleuve Garonne en Aquitane. Il y a beaucoups de plaines plates et collines près de Bordeaux. Le climat de Bordeaux est océanique-tempéré avec des températures modérées en hiver et en été. Le temps à Bordeaux est très bien pour cultiver des raisins.

Spécialités de Bordeaux: Bordeaux a beaucoup de spécialités. Au niveau de l'agriculture, la plus célèbre des spécialités de Bordeaux est le vin. À Bordeaux on fait du fromage et du pain aussi. Comme produits industriels à Bordeaux on fait de l'équipement de machines et de transport, des avions, des plastiques, des produits chimiques, des produits pharmaceutiques, du fer et de l'acier.

Les Musées, etc:

Jardin botanique
Musée d'Histoire naturelle
Musée D'Aquitaine
Musée Des Arts Decoratifs
Musée Des Beaux Arts
Musée Goupil
Musée Des Chartrons
Musée National Des Douanes
Opéra de Bordeaux
Le Conservatoire de Bordeaux


Aéroport de Bordeaux
Navette Fluviale sur la Garonne ('Le Bus du Fleuve')
Bus et Navettes

Restaurants: Il y a beaucoup de restaurants à Bordeaux dont certains qui sont très chers et certains qui sont bon marché.

Hôtels: Il y a beaucoup d'hôtels à Bordeaux. Plus de 300 hôtels se trouvent à Bordeaux y compris....
Citadines Apart'hotel Bordeaux Meriadeck
Libertel Claret Bordeaux
Ibis Bordeaux Le Lac
Mercure Bordeaux Aeroport

Bordeaux a une bonne economié. On peut payer le prix pour être une ville d'arrivée ou de départ.

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Journal Journal: sci project

Hossam Tewfik

        The question I have chosen to test and research is "What type (as in size) of a basketball will go further when thrown." I have chosen this question for many reasons. First, this question has many implications and can be applied to many different fields. Although I'm only concentrating on basketball, this same question may be applied to soccer, football, or any ball sport. Another reason why I chose this question is that I'm able to test this question effectively with little room. Finally, I chose this question because it applies to not only one physical principle but also two, fluid friction and mass.
        This question applies to the sport of basketball in many different ways. First, the size of a ball is important during a game of basketball. When watching a first grade basketball you will of course not give them a full regulation size ball. In addition, in the NBA you will not give them a junior size basketball to play with. This is because the ball is not proportional to the players' bodies. Similarly, this question applies to how far someone can shoot a ball. With a smaller size ball, the person can probably shoot farther then with a full size regulation ball. It is important too not that muscle density also plays a major part in how far the two different size balls can go.
My question applies to two different physical properties, fluid friction and mass. Mass is defined as a property of matter equal to the measure of an object's resistance to changes in either the speed or direction of its motion. The mass of an object is not dependent on gravity and therefore is different from but proportional to its weight. Mass is very important. It is so important that many things depend on it such as inertia, which is solely dependent upon mass. Other things include force and distortion in space-time. In my experiment mass is used when comparing the two ball sizes. The smaller the mass the longer the ball will go. The other physical property that my experiment incorporates is fluid friction. Fluid friction is when molecules part around something similar to something like a rock in the middle of a river. Another way to say this is that Fluid friction is the force exerted by a fluid on an object moving through the fluid. It is important to note that fluid friction is a vast field of modern research that is not only confined to my experiment. Its ramifications extend from molecular interactions, which give fluids their viscosity, to frictional effects that arise from the random motions, collisions, and interactions of macroscopic chunks of fluids in complex swirls of turbulent flow. In my experiment fluid friction is important. When throwing the ball into the air the air molecules will be pushed away from the ball similar to the rock in the river example. The stronger the resistance from the air, the less far the ball will go and vice versa.
        In conclusion my experiment is "What type (as in size) of a basketball will go further when thrown." It is an interesting question with many ramifications and incorporates two different physical properties, fluid friction and mass.s

Sources:, and

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Journal Journal: Upgrade

Today we upgraded computer to Win 2000. So far, everything is fine. I able to annouce that it is much more stable then Win 98

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Journal Journal: Bored...

As you figured from the title:


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Journal Journal: Great day!

Today was perhaps one of my best days...
First I went to a feild trip to the capitol(really cool(architect was from MIT!)) then i went to Mall of AMerica(ok). After went home, listened to some TTT, played a little Civ 3, then some fifa 2002, went to a basketball game, then went to karate. The best part: 4 day weekend!

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Journal Journal: Feild trip

IM beeing forced to go on some #%*&$(* feild trip. The teacher called my parents to force me to go. Is it not true that feild trips are optional?????

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Journal Journal: Nothing 1

Its a Friday night and guess what: Im doing nothing. Well actually Im surfing the web and listening to TTT. I kinda mad that TTT will be closed for 26 hours tomorrow! By the way Med Gnome Im still lokking for answer to that question of sunday!

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Journal Journal: Work 1

Well, I have alot of work today As for your question Med gnome comments have been enabled

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Journal Journal: Idea

Well I like this very much so far. I keep imagining reading what first wrote a few years from know. Anyway I will see if my freinds are interested in trying this out...

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Journal Journal: OK...

THe QUarter has finally come to an end. IM looking forward to Business in a Global Economy. Well As you can see im bored tonight....

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Journal Journal: Very disappointed

I feel like crap right now. Browsing aroung slashdot when I found my freind's journal. I read and now I feel very and I mean very bad. God.... Im really really really sorry. I didnt know. You could have told me David! Seriously: Im happy for you and Cynthia. I have no problem with you two with although others do. I mean: its your life I think I will call you today. On the parents thing: I totally understand. As for all the pressure a long hot shower works for me. Once again: I'am really really really really really really really really really really really Sorry

*Disclamer*: DOnt sue me if the grammer on this thing sucks...........

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Journal Journal: Too much stupid work

Well, Here it is ladys and gentleman. THE quarter comes to an an end and what happens???? THey just throw more crap at you.....
God... I need a vacation

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