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Journal Journal: upcoming Daily Yomiuri article

Funnily enough, the very article that I'm editing now for our next Daily Yomiuri installment (the 33rd one!) is about the ongoing transformation in 'o' and 'ga' usage that I was talking about yesterday on this thread This is still a controversial area, with some people saying that "no, it's not so!" that natives use 'o' with adjectives or affective predicates. Not being a linguist, or having a large data set to point to, I'm not sure I could prove it, but my boss, Japanese and author of the Step Up Nihongo Japanese textbook series (and online learning materials) is quite convinced. -jvp

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Journal Journal: Comments re: Japanese grammar 6

Today I posted numerous comments (unfortunately the thread started yesterday so mostly it's gone cold) regarding Japanese grammar. It was fun - I haven't written much about Japanese grammar in a while - like visiting an old friend you haven't seen in ages. If you have any interest in learning Japanese, check my comment history for the posts I put up on November 14, 2006 in the thread regarding opening the PS3.
    I'm always up for questions, too.


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