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Journal Journal: MmmmmmMore Mini-Book-Reviews

Roger Zelazny:
Amber Chronicles
Books 1-10
I recently bought the Great Book of Amber... Good thing I did, since I've wanted to reread the set for a while now. Great stories, with the first five books being top quality and the second five being slightly less good. You will enjoy this series if you have ever dreamed of walking through shadow....
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Journal Journal: More additions

Since the last update:

Jennifer Roberson

SwordDancer - Not that bad.
SwordSinger - [In progress]

Robin Hobb

Fool's Errand - Great continuation of the series(s)
Golden Fool - I got pretty emotional in parts and I definitely love this series.

Kate Novak - Yes I know, a Forgotten Realms author..

Azure Bonds - [In progress] I'm hoping it's worth it. {Update] Not worth it. Book 2 is semi-decent and book 3 is garbage.

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Journal Journal: Additions to my booklist

David Brin

Uplift 4, 5, 6 A majorly unfunny joke.

Tad Williams

Memory, Thorn, Sorrow Trilogy
Dragonbone Chair - conceptually interesting, plot a cliche, book is plodding.
Stone of Farewell - Finished
Green Angel Tower - Well, I completed the book... wish Tad wasn't so repetitive. Hearing the SAME explaination 20 times got to me.

Robin Hobb

Farseer Trilogy - Excellent story of a bastard prince. You MUST read it.
Liveship Trilogy - Continuation of the same world as Farseer, about sentient ships.

Philip Pullman

His Dark Matrials Trilogy- very philosphically inclined semi-fantasy, very interesting.

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Journal Journal: Booklist

Well, here it is. I've decided to make a semi-permanent list of books I've read so far, and mini-mini-summary of some of them.

Anne McCaffrey - All her stuff I've read is cheezy.

Dragonflight - Decent
Dragonquest - Too anti-climatic
DragonSong - Decent
DragonSinger - School
WhiteDragon - A boy, first time is the main character

David Eddings

the Belgariad Penta - No danger to characters, they can handle anything.

George R. R. Martin

Song of Fire and Ice - I will murder all of George's pets if he doesn't finish the series.
Game of Thrones - Excellant, brilliant characterizations and plotline
Clash of Kings - Emotional attachments to characters exceed all expectations.
Storm of Swords - Trials and disappointments only increase the plot, waiting expectantly for the next book.

Guy Gavriel Kay - Not Original, King Arthur blah blah.

The Summer tree - The story is clipped, and revolves around pain.
The wandering fire - It became too dull, and I gave up, perhaps I will have a curse of boredom placed on me so that the finish may be seen.

Louise Cooper

Time Master Trilogy - Harsh but truthful about human nature, a story about a man who learns the truth about the source of his magical powers.

Michael Moorcock

Runestaff - Suitable to the young teenager, but not inventive.

Elric Book 1 - Interesting, but not unique, perhaps the following books will be better.

Raymond Feist

Riftwar Series - Excellant worlds, very interesting gods and demigods, magic that is believable, to a point. Characters are great, but reused in subsequent books.
Empire Series - On the other Side of the Rift, a culture is in turmoil.

Robert Jordan - Verbose

Wheel of Time - The first few books are nice, however, at books four and five you notice a common theme - Bad Guys are killed. New Bad Guys appear. Bad Guys are killed. ect.. I gave up on book six.

Stephen Donaldson - Excellent Experimental writer

Thomas Covenant Vol.1 - Very Different, anti-hero stuff, that I like alot. Disbelief is an important thing, and one that keeps all humans safe and sane.
The Real Story - An experiment in differing views on who the hero, villian and victim are.

Terry Brooks

Sword of Shannara - Fantasy made wrong. I couldn't finish the first book. Terry plays games with time. Ex: Take a week to cross a plain and a day and night to cross a gigantic forest. That along with all the cliches made it a very boring read.

Terry Goodkind

Sword of Truth - the self-righteous stuff you liked when 8 and KNEW what was GOOD and EVIL. Ex: End of book: I forgive you, but I'll kill you anyway.

Stephen Lawhead - Religious celtic fantasy

Endless Knot - Different but not exciting
Paradise War - Yawn

J.R.R. Tolkien - The Man

Hobbit - Kiddy book for adults
Lord Of the Rings - Adult book for Kids, read it a be astounded by his inventiveness and scope.

David Brin

Uplift 1 - Decent story - too psycological for my tastes though.
Uplift 2 - Too much looking in the past
Uplift 3 - Too religious, blame all the good stuff on God at the end. And an alien did that. Sigh, must be some sort of joke, I hope.

Kim Robinson

Red Mars - Men move to mars, this is the story of their lives and politics and science and infighting and war. Oh, and deaths.

Frank Herbert - Brilliant dude

DUNE - Want to understand the Messiah complex and all it's shades? Read it.

Neil Stephenson - A man who likes technology and not afraid of it.

Snowcrash - a joke, mixed with pseudo-history and online/real world virus
Diamond age - if nano-tech ever leaves the lab the world may become like this
Cryptonomicon - Historical ww2 fiction mixed with modern hacker fiction.

H.P. Lovecraft - Horrormaster, creator of gods more evil than any human can stand.

More to come.
I've read way more than this, but I didn't think they were worth putting down just yet.

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Journal Journal: Another day passing...

Another boring day for me. Kuro5hin's still mostly down, the books I order are locked in the post office and I'm studying Buddhism. Buddhanet seems like the place to go for the info.
However, as I consider myself a Deist, I don't know how far I'll go...
[Update] For the record, I'm an atheist now.

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