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Journal Journal: GNU/Debian Troll: the definitive Open Source web destination 2


The Bruce Perens Memorial Debian Systems Research Institute, Hewlett Packard Headquaters, Palo Alto, California. 29th January, 2004. Debian Troll's Best is pleased to announce that development has commenced on what will undoubtedly become the preferred destination for Open Source and GNU/Debian developers, users and enthusiastic apt-get advocates everywhere: GNU/Debian Troll, the web site.

GNU/Debian Troll will be closely linked to the Debian community, and will be the host for the broad range of Debian-related apt-get software development projects currently being undertaken by Debian Troll's Best and coworkers. Said Debian Troll's Best at a recent HP media briefing "GNU/Debian Troll is all about the spirit of GNU/Debian and Open Source. It's about building on what's already out there. It's about knowing how to use one damned tool, and then forcing every problem under the sun to work with that tool. But most importantly, it's about getting the word out to people on forums like Slashdot about our fantastic advances in GNU/Debian package management, and not stopping until they break down and install win-apt-get or apt-get-itunes or apt-get-expose. I draw my inspiration from such luminaries as Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens and Eric Raymond. And no, that has nothing to do with the fact I haven't showered for a week, don't have a job and write vast tracts of semi-delirious fictional ramblings about Open Source software. Thankyou"

GNU/Debian Troll: the website is expected to go online before summer. Which summer and in which hemisphere is yet to be determined. Further announcements will be made as the release date is approached.

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