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Journal Journal: CVS server

Well, I fixed my problem with the weekend rest. Everything works now, even ssh login with RSA authentication.
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Journal Journal: CVS trouble

Argh, I cannot figure out how to get this stupid error from going away on my cvs pserver. It will not allow me to login remotely.
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Journal Journal: Work

There hasn't been much to do here. I got the script rnning pretty good and cleaned up the office and organized everything. I wonder how much longer until we leave for the day.
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Journal Journal: Not much to say

Well, I don't have much to say right now, but I guess that I'll give an update on my life. I have a girlfriend now, ( yeah yeah I know, Slashdotters don't have girlfriends ), and things have been going great, except for the fact that she was my friends brothers ex. It's really funny as to how we got together also. He was the one who set us up, my friends brother, and now he's wishing that he didn't because she actually likes me a lot.
        Now for some more interesting stuff. I'm working on some AMD Opteron 64-bit computers testing out different servers on it. I've been using UML's for this but have a little trouble since the SKA's patch isn't really supported fully by this architecure. I haven't gone around and done enough hacking to make it work, although I might be able to, but it also involves some kernel hacking, and I'm not sure if I want to go there.
        A project I'm working on is makeing some PBX for the corporation that owns the company that I work for. We do some Open Source development, as much as we can, but there also is some inevitable proprietary stuff that we have to write. But it's mostly miscellaneous little things such as mail programs for advertising that is sent to a targeted audience for their business. Not quite like the spam that fills up our inboxs.
        Back to this girl, yeah, she's really great, it's been about two and a half weeks since we started going steady and about two weeks since I quit smoking,(my own decision, not hers, she didn't even know until I told her that I quit a few days ago). Well, I'll be telling more about her later, for now I think that I need to get some sleep so I can write that interface for our PBX and impress our CEO on what Open Source can do. (The companies only been around for officially two weeks, and it consists of two people and the CEO's son as owner for business purposes).

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Journal Journal: First Posts

I learned a couple of days ago that making a stupid first post is not a good idea. My Karma is now bad. Note to self: DO NOT post first post without a good comment, or at least reading the article. Sorry /., that was my first first post. Well, ta ta for now, I have to get back to my perl programming.
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Journal Journal: How do I get a job in the Tech industry

I have set up my own webserver and webmail server and am administering a small home network of 8 PC's. I do not know everything that I would need to run a large scale network with lots of servers and clients but I can learn fast. I just do not know how to get a company to want to take me.
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Journal Journal: Computer Upgrade for neighbor

I had a chance to look at my neighbors computer today and determin that either the CPU or the motherboard is bad and to recommend just getting an upgrade for their P3. Their going with the AMD Athlon XP 1800+, Asus motherboard with NVIDIA nForce chipset and built-on GeForce2, 256mb ddr266 pc-2100, and a Volcano 6cu fan and heatsink. I am getting the parts from A sight that my friend John Bunn recommends and has a good reputation.

Journal Journal: Getting smtp to work on my BLFS with evolution

Today (or tonight whichever way you want to look at it) I've been trying to get my favorite email client, evolution, to work in BLFS, I'm not sure if it's just my install, something that I did wrong, or just on the other end, but It's not working for me, but I can still receive mail, I just can't use smtp. Have fun.

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