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Journal Journal: The "Killer App"

Do you find it or does it find you?

I keep hearing about 'the killer app' in various contexts. There's THE KILLER APP which is the mystical not-quite holy grail variety that every copany/creator hopes they are lucky enough to produce and then there's the lesser killer app, as in "Hey, that would be a killer app. We should do it" which is uttered to conjure up visions of dollar signs in those that are really thinking about the capitalized variety in order to generate some capital. But really, it's just something that sounds useful to the folks who came up with the idea.

And now I'm faced with something new. It's The Killer App for our clientel.... I'm not sure what to make of this. It's a bit of a cross between the two. It's visions of greatness in one's niche. And if you are right it's knowing what your clients want/need before they've really figured it out for themselve. But, is that THE KILLER APP or is it just killer marketting?

Can you set out to find the killer app and make it happen. Is being in on the creation of the next killer app just a question of being in the right place at the right time when it all comes together? Or, as I would suggest, is the killer app what happens when good marketting, good software design and good luck come together. If this is the case, let's just try to make something useful, eh?

Whatever the case is, does it really matter that stategic planning is being seamingly driven by cliche? Is that bad?

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Journal Journal: Gotta love it.

So, yesterday my wife and I were lamenting the fact that we don't really exercise any discipline in our spending habits. It's not like we are misusing our credit cards or are otherwise in any serious trouble but we generally just piss it away on little things like too many mediocre meals out and then there's not really enough saved up for some of the bigger, more important purchases that we would like to make.

So, trying to be constructive about things, I suggest that we try to get organized and write some things down. Maybe make a spread sheet of income and expenses, a wish list with some rough costs and that sort of thing so we could make some priorities and maybe make some headway.

I forget what she said exactly but it was a general pooh, poohing sort of comment.

"Don't just blow me off." I say.

She responds to my protests with. "I'm not blowing you off! Pheh, Whatever..."

I had a good laugh. She was not amuszed after it kept going on for a while but I'm still snickering about it.

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