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Comment Re:Eheh, been following the news lately? (Score 1) 185

I'm sorry, but WHAT ? Did you even pay attention, or try to see this from the perspective of other countries on this world ? The U.S. basically crapped on the doorstep of every other country out there, doing huge damage to public relations everywhere and confirming the opinion of many that americans seem to look down on others and feel they are superior to everybody. How is that even remotely making the U.S. look good ? If anything, I would have said that now, even more people cannot stand the U.S. for their displayed arrogance. Oh and by the way - now that this bad stuff is public about how the U.S. does foreign politics, they try to hush it up everywhere, even threatening employees and students; stuff that the U.S. never got tired of complaining about when other countries like China were doing it. So basically they have shown that they are not better in the least. So how again does this in any way, shape or form make the U.S. look good ? I live in Europe, and dislike and sometimes hate has skyrocketed about the U.S. Not that american patriots would care, just saying.

Comment wow, tough israel crowd here.. (Score 1) 951

I'm always surprised how so many americans seem to approve of how Israel and the U.S. handle things down there. I'm from Europe, and most people I know have great difficulties to understand why the U.S. can still honestly support Israel. Out of acts of desperation, a few minor groups launch crappy missiles towards israeli settlements, damaging a house or hurting one person; as a response, israeli anihilate 30 or more palestinians. It goes like that all the time.. no matter the cost on the israeli side, the damage on the other side is always so much greater. Apart from that, let's not forget the (illegal) creation of new settlements, not following previous contracts about the separation of the land, and generally being a total bully to the palestinians, making their lives even more miserable. All of this generates even more hate, thus forming the next line of people willing to die for their country - and so on. The problem is self-made.

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