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Comment Re:Just ban scalping... (Score 1) 221

Reselling tickets isn't illegal everywhere, nor is that the problem this is meant to address.

Since you've not yet noticed, presently the state of affairs is that for every event being held at a place larger than a double-wide trailer converted into a dive bar online ticket sales are happening, and those online ticket sales are being dominated by bots which exhaust the supply of tickets as fast as technologically possible. Sometimes a little faster because the bots can and will overload the ticket sales sites. The end result being that it doesn't matter where the event you want to go is, or how popular the performer is... You can be sitting at your computer watching the clock and waiting for the time the tickets will go on sale, and at that precise time thousands if not hundreds of thousands of connections will go to the site via bots and they will buy every last ticket. By the time you've even gotten to click the button to confirm that you want a ticket, all the tickets have already been purchased by the bots. Regular patrons simply don't stand a chance anymore.

This law will make it *easy* to prosecute the people who've been ruining everyone's chances of ever seeing a show for a reasonable price.

Comment This is smearing (Score 4, Insightful) 181

We don't like click-baity, misleading, and misrepresentative headlines here. They're disingenuous and you should be ashamed for having snuck this one past the editors. It should come as a surprise to no one that the mail spools of gov't officials would contain malware, because they're just bound to be targets for spearphishers. To people who can manage to examine files without uncontrollably clicking on them until they execute, this malware poses *zero* threat. ...and yet here this headline and article is, trying to make it sound like WikiLeaks has been in some way *infected* with malware that is a danger to visitors of the site, and that Assange is improperly and unprofessionally downplaying that threat. Whatever Clinton is paying you, it's not worth it. Your integrity is worth more than money.

Comment Nothing to see here. (Score 2) 108

This article is pure, unadulterated bullshit. Probably the only truly honest thing in there is their admission that they have services available. It is not a "study" in any reputable sense of the word, and Softpedia is basically lying to you by calling it that. Softpedia is also very blatantly conflating vulnerabilities with mere attack vectors.

Let me highlight for you the most glaring example of "using a lot of words to lie" that are in the "study" they're linking to... Starting right in the middle of page two they try to compare and contrast a malvertising attack that uses flash as a vector and one that uses HTML5. Unfortunately for them, their HTML5 example is not only fairly nebulous but they cite a redirection to the Angler Exploit kit as if this really meant anything more than an attempt at compromise. One might then ask... what mechanisms does the Angler Exploit Kit use to compromise the system running the browser? Well... That's primarily exploiting vulnerabilities in Flash. This sort of logical shortcoming means one of two things... Either the author is too ignorant to speak authoritatively on the matter or they're just lying. Take your pick.

Comment Re:Standard Oil (Score 1) 246

Why should they be subject to regulations incurred by their size when no other company has in the last twenty years?

Google got where they are by doing a good job--not through anti-competitive practices or corporate skullduggery. If Google somehow irrevocably deletes a significant portion of the internet and then calls it "a natural network correction" while taking home millions of page views, then maybe we can talk about regulating them. Until then what they have isn't a "stranglehold" it's a winning approach.

Epstein is apparently just looking to score readers by raising ire, because most of his arguments are deeply questionable. The bit about the payday loan companies being turned away from AdWords is a fairly disingenuous point for him to bring up. For one, Google didn't blacklist them from anything but AdWords. Search results for payday loans still find and return hits to all the shady operators out there. ...and yes, they're pretty much all shady to the degree that payday loans are explicitly illegal in half a dozen states and the predatory lending practices and rate schedules they use are illegal in most states. Epstein is rather conspicuously not remembering that the last time Google had an issue with an industry buying up AdWords, it was pharma-related and they wound up paying $500 million in fines to the DoJ. This is really no different.

Comment Does this mean we can write reviews? (Score 1) 97

...because I think it might actually serve as a wake-up call to Comcast if there were a public litany of how much of an utter shitshow Comcast's operational processes are. Maybe. Possibly. Okay, so maybe nothing short of the moon cracking open to reveal an angry alien race personally calling Comcast to the mat over their bullshit will do that, but we're still allowed to dream, aren't we?

Comment Put blame where blame is due (Score 1) 729

Here's an idea... How about instead of blindly blaming the tech workers, someone makes an attempt to assign blame for the out-of-control rents to the people who actually have control over them?

I know it sounds like a wild plan, full of risk and possibly requiring an hour or two of actual research, but it seems to me that calling out the property holding companies and landlords would be a far more effective way to put a stop to the rent crisis in San Francisco.

I know it doesn't fit the narrative of xenophobia at all, because most of those people have lived in San Francisco for some time now. ...or maybe they don't. How would you know until you actually did a bit of research? Here's another possible avenue of research... Ask literally anyone working in the tech industry if they'd like to pay higher, or lower rent. ...then try and reconcile their answers with what's going on. How could it possibly be that despite every last one of them wanting to pay less in rent (something you have in common!) they are supposedly responsible for the increases in rent?

...or could it be that San Francisco's "natives" are really turning into a bunch of douchebag hipsters that think voicing their opinion is more important than having an opinion based on common sense and knowledge?

Comment FFS (Score 1) 287

Can we stop with the fanboy nonsense already? "Faster performance"? Tell us how is this relevant with context? The ODROID requires markedly more power than the Pis do, so if it didn't run faster they would simply have made an inferior product. Considering that power draw is generally a factor in these things, it's simply disingenuous to even mention "faster" without considering work-done-per-amp-hour. Just because it's posted on Phoronix doesn't automatically mean it's not just meaningless fanboy jibber-jabber designed to generate clickthroughs.

Otherwise, a good desktop PC is an "alternative" that "exists" and can stomp them both into the dirt--if one ignores the wildly greater power consumption, heat production, massive increase in size, and cost.

Comment Re:WIRED has it right (Score 0) 1044

Please read http://deirdre.net/the-puppy-f... and then say that again.

Short version: The SJW camp was campaigning for people to vote "no award" just to thwart the people who refused to vote for authors simply because they were bisexual or whatever. The Puppies' camps were talking the entire time about voting for works based on the quality of the work, alone. They did not feel someone should win an award for fiction writing simply because they were of a non-traditional gender or the other reasons the SJWs were nominating stories that were not quality related.

Comment Re:WIRED has it right (Score 0) 1044

This is a lie and nothing but a lie.

If you do even the least bit of research, you will find pages like this one...

The Puppy Free Hugo Award Voter's Guide

This is where one of the "your genitalia is more important than your writing skills" people was instructing their camp to vote No Award because otherwise the Puppies people might cause an author they voted for based on the quality of the work to win an award.

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