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Comment Re:Bad bad idea (Score -1, Troll) 319

NASA will have loads of engineers who will blue print and decide exactly what they want before making others bid for it.

Other contractors won't be specifically developing any technology then going to pitch it to NASA. NASA decides what they want, and gives the designs to others to develop. So yeah I think what I said above holds.

Comment Re:Shame... (Score 1) 418

Yeah cheaper access to code is better, more competition makes the field better but there is a point when you realise that programming is difficult work!

For crap applications sure you can knock something out relatively quickly but it definitely won't be bug free or stable! It takes a lot of a software engineers time to get design a good app.

Would you suggest that a software engineer should be paid less than a civil engineer? or a electrical engineer? Proper software development is difficult, tiring and sometimes thankless work( because a lot of manager types don't understand how complex coding can be ) which should be rewarded in the bare minimum with a good wage.

Comment Re:The XBox's need more coverage. (Score 1) 328

Great fun as a console, but there is no denying that it had a huge problems. Scratching discs (which could be fixed by placing padding into the optical drive, pretty lame for ms not to include said padding in the first place!), failing optical drives and of course rrod! Those can be described as pretty lame!

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