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Journal Journal: This is because Slashdot sucks...

Slashdot won't let me post this today in the Microsoft Article, so I will post it here. Stupid fuckers. I think that Microsoft is out to strengthen their monopoly. What I don't get though is why all the "neo-cons" here don't have a problem with Microsoft. They tend to worship Microsoft and their predatory business practices. But they claim to believe in free markets and competition. However, it's been proven over and over again that if a corporation is allowed unfair advantage to dominate a market even if their product is riddled with problems, that nothing is going to stop them other than regulation. The experiment with de-regulation has failed in some areas. I think this points to the fact that some markets demand regulation and others don't. The software/hardware industry is one that could stand to be heavily regulated.
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Journal Journal: I'm tired 1

I'm tired of people getting on my man Trolling4Dollar's back. He's a good guy, a great lover and in general VERY skilled with computers. I finally, thought I would put my old and unused Slashdot account to good use and just troll all the assholes who don't dig my guy. So if you want to have trouble. Just make fun of Trolling4Dollars and I'll be on your stupid ass beyotch!. Fuck you. Fuck all of you.

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