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Comment How is this different from Make(27)? (Score 1) 56

I had my undergraduate students build something similar back in 2009 on top of a Roomba platform, which in turn was based on ideas from Kurt's "Hacking Roomba" book. This solution was featured in Make Magazine volume 27 It was the same principle, build a remote surveillance platform that could be driven over the Internet and they did it for under $200. How is this solution (5 years later) any different? I'm not asking to be mean, I would like to know if this solution is somehow technologically superior to something done 5 years ago or were the authors simply unaware of prior development?

Comment Re:Some things I know - or have come to understand (Score -1) 757

You missed the important one. 1. What is the single biggest source of heat for Earth... the sun. 2. What is the single biggest driver of variable temperature on the sun... sunspots.

Yet not a one climate model (to my knowledge) takes into account the biggest heat source and the biggest driver of that heat source.

If I were to omit the largest variable in my field of science I would be ridiculed and thrown out of the profession. So until then I'll treat climate science like the rest of the humanities as pseudo-science.

Comment Sometimes its not an unwillingness... (Score 3, Interesting) 138

I do research in textual web mining and from time to time I have other researchers ask me for my collections which I spider myself from copyrighted web sources. While my work is purely academic, I am covered by fair use. But since US intellectual property laws are obtuse and overbearing (imho), I cannot take the risk of sharing my collections with others for fear of running afoul of copyright law (since I can't control what is done with the collection once it is out of my hands and how do I know they would use it in a manner consistent with fair use). So it may be more than an unwillingness out of statistical fudging and more an unwillingness to become a target of copyright lawyers.

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