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Comment Re:Green can include jets and internal combustion (Score 1) 286

"Switch to bio fuels that are carbon neutral and we have no problem"

I'm not sure you have a very good grasp of the basics of energy flows as in ecosystem thermodynamics.

Bio Fuels have very poor EROEI ratios, meaning you need more energy going in than you get out. Fossil fuels have the great advantage of having concentrated solar energy over millions of years before being cooked in the earth for another couple of milion They do have the disadvantage of being a finite resource..

Google Exxon's funding of Craig Venter's research into bio fuels from algae

Though Bio fuels still have their uses for niche application while fossil fuels long term are a dead end, that's our civilization's current dillema.

While solar energy probably will not power air cargo transport any time soon, wind and solar can certainly power high speed trains...

Comment Re:In line with Google's plans (Score 1) 172

" In particular, I think deep learning neural networks are the core technology that will make effective fully-autonomous cars feasible (plus the sensors, but those have been available for years), and to a large degree the whole world got access to that theory and practice at about the same time."
Jeremy Howard has a TED talk on deep learning algorithms and he has a slide of a self driving Google vehicle with a caption claiming it had driven over a million miles on standard roads without incident. That talk was posted in 2014.

Comment Re:I can tell from the comments (Score 1) 382

Yep, I live in Hollywood Fl near A1A. When I moved there 20 years ago we would get an occasional flood now and then. Nowadays it seems A1A floods almost every time there is a full moon and there is a wind blowing towards shore at high tide. Though I do enjoy seeing the gliterrati driving their Ferrari's and Lamborghini's through the saltwater flooding the streets down in South Beach. I'm betting that there will be severe flooding down there when Erika blows in this weekend. Though personally I'm not too worried since I'm down in Brazil for the next couple of months...

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