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Journal Journal: Atheism vs. Christianity

The battle for the public schools continues. In the blue corner holding origin of species we have the Atheists; and in the red corner holding the Bible we have the Christians. The current title holders within the public schools are the Atheists. They have skillfully kicked God out of public schools and are working on kicking Him out of all public areas in the United States. Apparently judges have not noticed the phrase between the prohibition against the establishment of an official religion and freedom of speech, within the constitution. This little known right would be the right to freely exercise ones religion. Perhaps it isn't in their copy. Perhaps someone edited it to indicate that such expression couldn't be on public property. At any rate, the Atheists have seized this convenient blindness and have been waging a fairly successful war on God within the public arena.

It didn't surprise me when a somewhat recent Slashdot post caused several written brawls. One thing I found interesting about it was the heavy opposition to a comment calling Atheism a religion. In fact, a rather humorous remark was made to emphasize their point of how ridiculous the claim is.

"If atheism is a religion, then not collecting stamps is a hobby."

This was funny and sounded almost as if it worked but it wasn't truly a correct analogy to atheism. If my hobby was collecting stamps, and you did absolutely nothing, then you could correctly state you do not have a hobby. However, if you spent your time trying to disqualify the merits of my hobby then it could be said that your hobby would be just that.

If you have no religious preference at all, and are completely neutral in every way, then you can claim to have no religious affiliation. But, the second you make a claim regarding a god or spirituality you have entered the realm of religious expression. Atheism is not neutral ground. It is a claim to know something about God. God does not exist. They tout it all over the world. They believe that they are the holders of ultimate truth. Agnostics also make a claim. It is not possible to know if a god exists. To make such a statement indicates that you yourself know that God is not knowable. There are several religions that claim the existence of a god. Among this group are Christians and they claim not only that a god exists but that He is knowable. All claim to hold some truth regarding a god. Who should we favor? Not one of those positions is neutral ground. Neutral ground is having absolutely no opinion on God or spiritual matters.

The Atheist, like the Christian, wants their view of God to be the prominent view. They lobby heavily to keep any competitive viewpoints out of the minds of our nations children and they do quite a good job. It does not surprise me that they do not wish intelligent design taught in schools. They believe fervently that their view of God is the correct one. If Christians were able to remove Atheistic thought from the public schools they would. Christians feel that those that do not know Christ will spend eternity in pain and suffering. Can you blame them for trying to save as many people from that fate as possible? For those that truly believe it isn't about producing numbers on Sunday but saving people from pain and agony. They do this by sharing that truth to those whom they have contact with. How dare they. And the Atheists, well, they are fighting for the monkey in all of us. Right?

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Journal Journal: My Own Side

RIAA vs. P2P has caused a lot of press over the last few years and I have found it difficult at times to choose whose side I wish to be on. The RIAA has used underhanded tactics and bad statistics to attack everyone who uses P2P. It is difficult for me to imagine an organization I hate more than RIAA I however sympathize with their main problem, which is theft. They represent companies who in turn represent artists. These artists put out a popular product and instead of everyone going to buy that product a large amount decide they would like this product for free (We will refer to this group of people from now on as "scum"). The artist deserves to get compensated for his or her work. Scum doesn't deserve to have the artists work for free. Here lies the dilemma. On one hand I hate RIAA on the other I hate those P2P users who are only out to steal the property of others and to make it worse RIAA doesn't attack the scum, they attack everyone else.

How do we solve the problem? I don't know to be honest.
The recording industry could start by lowing prices and providing services that use current technologies.
Why would that help with this issue?
If the recording industry would provide a good usable and up to date services you would see music stealing dip. This is not to say it will solve the problem but it will reduce it.

The RIAA should stop inflating and fabricating their numbers as to losses. The RIAA should stop using the "poor artist" as the reason they are suing everyone. RIAA, you don't care about the artist or the customer. You care about your pocket book! Create a little good will with your customer base. Stop creating the dilemma; I hate the company however I want the product.

By the way:
Those people, who feel that they can buy a CD, make mp3s of the CD, then toss out the physical CD are idiots. I keep the covers or the CDs, something to indicate that I own that CD. I am sorry but we do not have a huge number of people making digital copies of CDs they bought and trashing the physical property. If you fall into this category please have someone slap you a few times to wake you up because your brain has fallen asleep. After you install a program do you trash the install disks? This is not a viable excuse at all.

If you are scum you know it. You can hide behind excuses however your still scum. Even though I hate the RIAA I still buy a CD if I want to listen to the music. To do otherwise is dishonest. I honestly believe that if you are found stealing from these companies you should get sued or prosecuted or punished in some way or manner. If the recording industry never improves you still should have enough moral integrity to refrain from stealing. You can hide behind a wall of excuses but it doesn't change the fact; you are a loser!

So what is the point to all this. I have no clue. I am my own side and it's a happy place to be. :)
United States

Journal Journal: A Letter to Tim :)

Tim Robbins is a hypocrite and doesn't have a clue what the right to free speech truly entails!

Tim, you state, "I can't tell you how moved I have been at the overwhelming support I have received from newspapers throughout the country in these past few days. I hold no illusions that all of these journalists agree with me on my views against the war." You clearly state that you are appreciative of those who use their freedom of speech to support you and/or your cause however you also have said, "Susan and I have been listed as traitors, as supporters of Saddam, and various other epithets by the Aussie gossip rags masquerading as newspapers, and by their fair and balanced electronic media cousins, 19th Century Fox." You are quite upset and verbally attack those media outlets that use their freedom of speech to oppose your viewpoints. You verbally attack news reporters who try to interview your family and use their rights. Stop being a hypocrite Tim! You go on to say, "I am extremely grateful that there are those of you out there still with a fierce belief in constitutionally guaranteed rights." Tim, has the government imposed any restrictions on you or penalized you in any way for saying what you have? The answer to that question is no.(Not to my knowledge at least) Private citizens and organizations have been the ones to lash out at you and your family for their views Tim. Those citizens have that freedom. You see, Tim, you are not the only one in this nation that has the right to freely speak his mind. If I don't want a person like you speaking at my organizational dinner, I have that right. You can call people names and spread your views and receive no retribution from the government. You have that right, however I have the right not to buy your movies. I have the right not to support you. By attacking people or organizations for expressing themselves unfavorably about your views, in the manner in which you have, you are expressing to me and others, the only person who should have the right to freely express himself or herself, in your opinion, are those that agree with you. You keep on talking your trash Tim because you have that right but do not expect any money coming from my pocket to yours.

You keep on talking Tim.
I talk with my pocketbook.

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